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Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:57:32

In reply to living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:42:22

want to hear the current plan for the development of new zealand?

let's just do a quick recap on how things were going...

people were going to university. quite a few were studying things like the arts. humanities. learning to analyse difficult texts etc.

but then the universities don't sign off on their qualifications because they think that way they won't ever have to pay them. and they surely don'nt like to share the money around. or listen to anybody else, at all. let anybody else do any of the work, even. contribute. they'd rather be sole lord and master of their harem. or fifedom or whatever the f*ck they are dreaming of.

so their plan is to enrol students... by marketing to kids. selling a party of orientation week. false promises of there being labor shortages. then almost intentionally not teaching them anything useful. in order to sell them further study. advanced courses with the promise of jobs, again, but actually no intention to every award the qualifications.

then a lot of ways of under the table work. in effect. where they are doing the job (while paying the university) in the name of 'work experience'. they aren't teaching them anything. they just pass them off as being qualified already. so the members of the public and the more junior younger people at the university think that they did get their qualifications and they did get employment and so on.

and people keep quiet because... well the complaints resolution processes that the UN requires NZ to have (whistleblower protections and the like) are only collecting data about who speaks up in order to not give them the qualifications or hire them for any positions at all. just like everything else in new zealand it's just a scummy scummy scam.


they go...

it's not good (they don't think) that they have these people with these skills of text analysis and the like because then they'll find UN policy and they'll actually be able to read it. and so on. so instead... we will teach our kids 'english' by showing them youtube videos and the like...

and we will remove anything that might actually teach them skills to sort of inform the rest of the world in credible ways that we are keeping slaves. actually. refusing to share the stuff around. refusing to allow deelopment. refusing to allow people to speak. just a bunch of f*ck*ng idiot tyrants with all the money not allowing anything anything anything at all.

so now the plan is to do the same again but at tech level. that is to say we want to scam a generation into the trades. into things like building and plumbing and electrical and so on.

but who is going to teach them to do any of that?

we have a generation of builders and plumbers and electritions who are only acknowledged as such and given work because they do shoddy jobs and sign off that that's industry standard or normal or whatever. a whole generation who only got the contracts at all by cutting loads of corners. the corrupt ones. we selected for and rewarded and trained them up and that's sort of where things are at, really.

and they are going to teach a new generation are they?

because they want to share the money around do they?

because they want other people to partake in money they don't want any more?


well who is going to teach them?

maybe the kids who enrol in those courses will sort of straggle each other up somehow and figure a way to do better...

but then:

why would we sign them off?

well then they can just run off into the outback bush in NZ and build themself a little log cabin maybe with a solar panel for their airconditioner or something...

so then we won't even need to put them on welfare.


they'll have made it in new zealand!

that's what development looks like, folks.


what's the plan??

the plan is to stop with the micromismanaging. always trying to scummy scam people into all rushing to enrol in whatever the one or two things are that seems fashionable.

the plan is to dissuade people from specialising too soon so that they have a more robust skillset so they can eventually... carve their own way / their own path.

do we really want everyone aiming to be a CE? that's the goal -- right? everybody wants to be CE commanding the most money from the largest organisation. that is god -- right? earning the most money for doing that. the only one end goal of everything that everybody hails as mighty leader of us all.

people are f*ck*ng sick of it.

sure... more people in NZ want to be pilots (fly planes) than can...

only... is that true?

is it true that people go about the country talking to school kids trying to convince them that flying a plane would be pretty cool?

yeah. we intentionally market to intentionally try and create more demand than places. so we can pick the special child molesterers for all the things.





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