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living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:42:22

so there's this guy who got hand-picked carefully chosen by Otago to study medicine.

and then he turns out to be a pedophile. or maybe that's not true. she was 16 which is the age of consent in new zealand. but she did not give consent. he molested her. and then when she threatened to tell people about that he killed her.

as you do, in new zealand.

and then he kills himself because i suppose he doesn't like jail.


only her mother killed herself 6 months or so after her daughter was murdered.

and he kills himself in prison...

after an appeal was denied where in his defence it was argued that the teenager driver of the vehcile was an accomplice...


i do wonder if there might be a little more to this...

to do with him supplying a little more than just alcohol to teenagers.

and with him having rather more friends in medicine (all the way up the hierarchy of that) who maybe like to socialise with groups of kids.

i would imagine.

since we aren't really big on prosecuting anything, here...

i don't know how one would kill oneself in jail...

it's rather harder to kill yourself than you might suppose.

i suspose it is infinitely more likely that he had... outlived his usefulness in which case it's time for him to go.

if he's only got one more appeal left and he's started trying to implicate accomplices...


ooooooooooooooh choose me!

they did a good job of immortalising his face right next to hers. the media.

i think they only prosecuted him at all because she was white and he was sort of indian-looking.

new zealand is incredibly racist and we seem to be currently wanting to blame the problems on particularly indian-immigrants who we carefully handpicked to help new zealand develop in ways we considered desirable. or lucrative. or both. or something.

early on they were trying to say that the girl was wh*t* tr*sh so it didn't matter.

casting aspersions on her character.

that's how they do law, in Otago.

with the second year law camp and the guy responsible for that with his... promotion... to auckland.

so they can tour the world for teenagers to enrol in new zealand universisties to serve the next lot of pedophiles. seems to be the thing of it.




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