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lolly scramble

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:15:02

In reply to Re: money grubs, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:41:41

it's supposed to be fun. it's fun for someone. someone has a bag of lollies and throws them into a crowd of children like throwing grain into a flock of pigeons.

only you throw just a few at a time when there are lots of children so they children fight each other over them.

it's entertaining for the adults. the person with the bag of lollies.

or money.

as the case may be.

this game people like to play.

how you keep people so they like to play with you.

kids... and sugar.

but anyway...

vaccines are a bit like that. send them in their crates with special conditions on how they are to be kept otherwise they will be expired / inactivated... and then track where they go. see how the society distributes them around.

and you have a pretty good idea of the situation. who the major problems are. preventing things from running more smoothly and more fairly.

what is the obstruct or block in the ER. why there isn't patient flow. why the ER waiting rooms get blocked up. Why the patients get held / detained by the ER nurses in the corridoors and in side rooms about the ER. why the acute psychiatric wards are always overflowing.

why the rest of it is... fairly empty.

where the clinicians are.

logging who is in the hospital at any point in time. this person is on payroll. on roster. where are they?

they do drills -- right -- for the people on call? No, I know they don't. I know they don't take seriously being within 20 minutes of the hospital when they are on call at all. I know that they are not called. Not by any junior who wishes to remain on staff...

because that is the point of the power...

they select who they want for med for whatever arbitrary reasons they want. they start out by beaming at their chosen children. you have been handpicked carefully selected. you are the winners you wonderful magical children. and then over time they come to understand that the same arbitrary that was responsible for their selection can be equally well mobilised to be the same arbitrary that can be responsible for their deselection or exclusion.

so they better jumpity jump jump when they are told because oooooooooooh if they don't that could be the arbitrary reason for their exclusion. they should keep their head down and huddle with the herd. not stand out in any way or they could be identified as someone... identified... a target for teh ire of arbitrary.

and you better suck that dick faster if you don't want to be deselected. when you are told.

and lucky lucky lucky some people make it through...

they pay them
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them

to inflict arbitrary... on demand of their superiors, i guess.. or maybe just whenever...

because they liked to play that game.



mmm hmmm..

and the opportunity cost...

well. let's face it. our organs are shipped to australia for their use.

best i can figure new zealanders don't get healthcare in nz. that's why they go to sydney for the weekend.

there's ntohign here




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