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Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:25:50

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:03:17

i remember a guy laughing about that, actually. about how people don't pay people to have ideas, people pay people for taking credit for the write-up. so the point of getting through your PhD was for credit for the write-up and it doesnt' f*ck*ng matter what is written up it's about having credit for the write-up. and if everybody knows the idea is stolen or your work is plagarised or your advisor wrote it for you then you are one of them. the idea stealers the credit takers the money winners.

it's a consoliation prize, or something, for having no ideas.

of their own. i mean.

so they get all the credit for stealing the ideas. because otherwise they wouldn't have anything at all.

apparently New Zealand has a higher proportion of it's people living overseas than any other nation.

1/4 of our people are bullied away.

they say it's the 'brain drain'. they say the best and brightest leave.

of course they also say that the best and brightest never get paid.
they also say that they love the people they abuse the most.
they also say up is down and in is out and 'based in reports of examiners' is 'just keep giving us your ideas and also paying the university more money...'

1/4 of our people are incapacitated with disability (that means we don't have to pay them minimum wage).

and then i don't know what proportion are gang recruits.

and then we say unemployment is only around 5 per cent...

but we hide people in training courses too...

most of the advertised jobs (the governmetn is the major employer) are hoaxes. 'give us your ideas and we won't give you a job' set-ups. they aren't actually hiring a lot of the time. they will decline you for the position and readvertise the very same position the very next day. often they are just trying to get you signed up to some training course with this vague promise that if you pay them money to do the training course (or get yourself into debt to do the training course) then they will let you work the job for free!!! for your work experience. which is required for them to sign you off. which is required fo rthem to pay you. but they don't actually sign you off. because they don't choose you. and because they choose whoever they want whenever they want because they want. and they dno't choose you...

so they aren't actually hiring.

or they aren't hiring me.

and they go 'if that's what you think of us then that is what we will do'.

but the truth of it is i'm describing the way it is.

what they do.

why it is that new zealadn doesn't develop.

once the cameras have all gone up... i guess we already are the worlds dumping ground. that's the plan. concentration camp island.

so far as i can see...

the fake news they spew at me...


teh trouble with her is that she thinks she's entitled.


say the people with all of the money all of the titles all of the things. that's what they accuse me of.


the problem isn't that they don't speak english. it's something different entirely.


they won't let me help.

when i can see what is needed and when i have the capacity to do it -- they won't let me help.

there's an attitude of gloat when i need help.

even when i ask for help quite clearly.

when i am willing to accept it.

often when i need help they can't help lme because they can't do it either.

i'm not blaming them for that.

they blame me for that and that's not fair and that's uncalled for. but that's what they do.

but they won't let me function when i can.


see see see see see it's too hard for me and i can't do it therefore it must be too hard for EVERYONE. everyone must validate that it's too hard for EVERYONE. so New Zealand can't develop until i'm dead and gone because it must be too hard for EVERYONE. say our leaders.

aw. there there. poor you. poor you. poor you. you have all the money and all the titles and all the power. poor you. poor you. poor you. nobody is allowed to function. poor you. just let me keep listening to you... keep listening to you. let me summarise you. summarise you. summarise you. i heard you. that is what you said? Is that what you said? you you you you you you you.

aw. there tehre. feel better.

poor you.

compliant? am i compliant enough for my most basic of human rights to be upheld? no? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poooooooooooooooooooooor poooooooooooooooooooor poor poor poor poor poor poor you (with all the money).





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