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Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:01:25

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 7:48:38

and i understand what they are trying to do.

they are trying to flush people out and away from the universities so they go out into the world and develop start-ups or whatever.

they want the brightest to want to leave the universities and start up companies or whatever. rather than aspiring to work for the university. doing work within the university.

and in an attempt to flush them out... they decided to really bully them away from the universities by undermining it pretty badly indeed. that appears to be the idea. all these 'low value' courses (according to them). they are all designed to bully people out and away from the universities.

the first year courses, too. designed solely to tell people 'this is not for you. go away'.

it's like what the judge said about that girl who was being bullied to death in the prisons... they tried to force you to compliance by withholding your privaledges. but then there weren't any privaledeges left for them to withhold. so then they started trying to force you to complaince by withholding your most basic human rights.

it's all just trying to force people to compliance.

compliance with what?

oh, they have this idea that they know what is best and people should be forced to comply with what they have decided is best.

so they do the mature thing and say what they think is best using their words? so that people can see they are right and people will willingly choose...

no, course not.

forced to comply by withholding the most basic of human rights.

that's the plan.

how many of our people have employment at all?

unemployment is...

no. how many people were forced into training courses by refusing them employment and also by refusing them unemployment or by withholding their basic human rights?

numbers of gang recruits are well up as people seek extra-legal methods of obtaining what they need.

but for those trying to get by within the law...

we don't have frictional unemployment of 6 months. we have people locked out of employment at all.

know what my health system file notes say?

'use of force'.

by which they nursing staff interprets that they are enttitled to use force to get me to comply.

there's a note / directive in my file notes.


it's not actually safe for me to get immunised etc in this country.

it's not actually safe for me to present to the ER. last time i presented with mechanical damage (lost toe nails -- happens sometimes because i have clawed feet from old injury) they involutnarily detained me. refused to allow me to phone a lawyer or to phone the police. involuntarily mediated me. kept me for days. kept me in a seclusion room with flickering fluorescent lights...

it's not safe for me in New Zealand.

it's not about compliance. there is no messsage of what people want me to do.

there's only the message of 'we didn't want you to be born either why don't you just f*ck*ng go away'




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