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Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 7:48:38

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:05:44

i suppose the situation was that victoria university in Australia wanted victoria university in New Zealand to change it's name because it was concerned that victorial university in New Zealand was ruining the reputation of victoria.

that's likely the situation. an Australian directive.

go ruin the name of Wellington was the directive.

apparently they had these continuing education classes that they've scrapped. now they want to run 'continuing education' courses whereby the government effectively pays them larger sums of money for running courses to send the government employees on. sort of...

you know... picking out the gamma babies and deciding what courses are right for them. then sending them along to learn about... whatever the government thinks is valuable.

because there isn't any work for them to be getting on with.

i went for a walk yesterday and i suppose i see what they are sort of doing around the waterfront. trying to do. trying to make it be a bit... silicon valley or whatever. only... the companies that are here are all overseas companies. microsoft hewlet packard or whatever... or they are companies that are only companies at all because of vast government handouts. like fonterra.

there aren't any start-ups. because nothing can grow here.

i guess that's the point of the microsoft presence. it's like they are trying to as low as they can so that other people get teh opportunity to do things better than them, here. so that IT can grow here. because nothing will grow here until you can actually securely keep and develop things. adn that doesn't happen. so...

they will put security cameras all around the hospitals and prisons next. it is an invasion of privacy. it is justified becuase people are being literally bullied to death in the prisons and psychiatric institutions. and people are being raped and murdered by people who aren't even supposed to be scrubbed in in the ORs. so the cameras will go up. and the international community will see what's going on.

and the NZ government will do as it's told, likely enough. or similar.

chris hipkins reckons the situation is that the legacy some schools have is such that they inherited problems they can't solve. sure. obviously. clearly. but let's be clear on the most important thing: it's their legacy. and they have all the money. and they refuse to do their jobs.

good job choosing your employees to do the job you know not what... so you spend money (yeah right) on the training courses you want to send them on...

contract out to handwash australia. and so on.

because that's the level of education in nz. we can't even teach people to wash their hands.

it's all online now.

it's how you prevent the perverts from teaching the next generation to rape and murder and so on.

maybe it means the studnets won't be required to keep diaries of their crimes if they want to be signed off at all anymore.


i feel distinctively like i felt when i started intermediate school. a couple weeks into the start of the year. i was very desperately very very very unhappy.

the day before school started i spent the day swimming outdoors without sunscreen. my face peeled. really badly. i looked contagious with a peeling face. right before i started a new school and i didn't know anybody at all.

then there was some kind of a seating plan. and i get seated next to serena. who wasn't very bright at all. and she was whiney and complainy. and she wanted to copy my work. and i felt very... i felt like my work was my personal work and i didn't want to have to stop all the time and get my hands out the way so she could see it and copy it down for herself.

so i really hated that.

and the teacher didn't have any sympathy or empathy, really, for me, at all. there was a smugness. somehow 'serves her right' or something. like one particular teacher i had at primary school who had the same thing about her.

this whole 'she thinks she's so smart this will teach her a lesson she's not so smart now haha' about it.

i was a kid ffs.


thanks the people paid to help me.


just keep being paid. more money for you. yay you. good job!!!

anyway. whatever.

and now that's just the story of my life hey. i'm not compliant...

let's see... when i returned to NZ. and i'm still going to seminars and talks. and i'm even going to classes. and that means i'm listening. i'm listening to what other people are saying. many many many hours of listening to what other people are saying.

and when i ask questions to start with i'm summarising what they are saying so they can see i'm following along. understanding. then i ask a question to encourage them to develop or extend or whatever. and they don't like me asking questions. i'm not allowed to ask questions. and i'm not allowed to produce anything either. no speaking rights for me.

after all the hours i spend politely listening to them...

that's my life right. they get all the money and everybody just sits around politely listening to them.

their legacy and how f*ck*d up it is and how they can't fix it but at least they have all the money.

good job them!!

thanks for allowing me a way of life, too (not).

haha teaches me some kind of a lesson?

no. they're just too f*ck*ng stupid to allow me a way of life too.

the cameras will go into the hospitals and they'll clear them all out eventually.

not in my lifetime.

they chose to matyr me.

because they are abusive bullies.

that's the truth of it.




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