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Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:00:43

not immunised -- jabbed.

i didn't understand this thing about 'low dead space syringes' so i didn't really comment.

i was trying to recall how a pipette works. You have two clicks to depress it. You depress it one click then you insert it into the substance. then you release it one click and it takes up the substance. Then you remove it from the substance. Then you insert it in whatever you are delivering the substance into. Then you depress it one click and the substance has been administered. Then you remove it. And release the depressor.

Actually... Maybe no... Maybe you depress it all the way... Then you insert it into the substance. Then you release it one click. Then you remove it and insert it. Then you depress it one click (all the way) then you remove it.

Maybe that is right...

I'm thinking about the eye dropper that was the precursor to the pipette. The eye dropper was a piece of plastic with a... With an eye. Or a bubble on the end. You squashed the bubble to squash the air out of the repository. Then you took the substance up into the tube. Then you depressed the substance out of the tube. You did not want to depress all the air out of it before taking up the substance -- because you didn't want the substance taken up into the eye dropper part of it.

So, yeah, you depress the air all the way and take up substance to one click. I think. I would need to revise to check. They reckon you do it 200+ times as a grad student and you need not ever think on it again.


Low dead space syringes. Mmm hmmm. Is that, like, eye droppers with small eyes? But it wasn't taken up into the eye of the dropper anyway so WFT??


It's not about low dead space syringes.

Whoda thunk?

It's about...

The calibre of the needle. Mmm hmm. It's about discarding the initial dose where bits of the cork (or equivalent) are pushed into the needle when you pierce the seal.

We don't see any particles.

Jabby jab jab.

And we depress the plunger on teh syringe all... Jabby jab jab. Stabby stab stab. To a recipient who 'doesn't even feel it'.

Mmm hmm.

We certainly don't depress the syringe slowly with a low calibre needle on a person who feels it all of the way.

We do not.

We are not there, yet.




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