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Re: where's my...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:51:30

In reply to Re: where's my..., posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:44:00

and why don't we have anything of any value?

why don't we have any values?

we hear that all the rich people in california want to live here.


because our laws are under-developed so they can launder money here? all kinds of reasons like that?

if they wanted to be here they would spam their booking into our booking system. they would buy nzl citizenship. the would sail their yacht here. they would fly their plane here. there really isn't any thing that we would do to keep them out if they wanted to be here. lawfully. or unlawfully.

why would they want to be here?

the scenery... there's scenery all over canada. there's scenery all over the world. it's not that hard to find scenery if you have money to get around. why would they want to be here? the *ss end of nowhere?

it doesn't make any sense at all.

i mean, i get why you might want to point your missiles from a particular starting location. that makes sense to me. you might want your ships somewhere...

but generally there's nothing here...

and our government is more invested in holding up development.

why hasn't there been a job for me?

i don't understand. genuinely.

why not let me train to do medicine?

i don't understand. genuinely.

i mean, i think i get that the people in charge actually think that i am intellectually handicapped. i think i get that. i didn't realise that they actually thought i was stupid. when i disagree with them about something they think i am stupid. but the nonsense they spout...

do we not want to have a health system?

i wonder about chris hipkins... did he choose to have his vaccination or was he forced? Was he instructed that now was his time to have that and he complied... Was it that? I am genuinely interested to know whose idea it was and why he decided to be vaccinated publically. i mean... if he got his seminal vessicles tied would he do that publically to? If he got his ears cleaned out?




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