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Re: nz government signed away our rights

Posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 18:54:02

In reply to nz government signed away our rights, posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 1:36:35


that is what is wrong with our (new zealand's) vaccination situation.

the new zealand government got a cheaper deal, or similar, by removing all liability from the manufacturer, saying it would take the liability on itself.

does the new zealand government have a good record with helping it's citizens who are victims of medical misadventure (or however you want to put that)?

answer: no. they do not. they do not, at all.

we don't have the most basic of health and safety regulations or rules because the attitude is 'it's okay ACC will get it'. and the job or role of ACC is to delay and obstruct and hold up and prevent so that people are forced to charge it to their insurance (and the fight is between the insurance company and ACC) or they are forced to settle for about nothing in the public system. I mean we are talking about really substandard withholding of care...

tresspass you and label you a criminal violent offender if you ask for help. or lock you up in seclusion under conditions of torture basically threatening to keep you in an inpatient facility forever...

that's the state of our health system.

i did say in my thesis that the temptation to experiment with different batches of vaccinations... now that we have the ability to really track things from batch number to arm...

i imagine chris hipkins was told it was time for him to man up.

i wonder if he is afraid, even a little bit. or if his conscience is clear.

i am remembering the maths instruction packets he wanted to have shipped to the kids up north as their school education over the lockdown.


we are hearing a lot about these chinese forced labor camps reprogramming groups of people. they are maintaining that they aren't trying to genocide their culture / way of life. they are pulling them out of poverty.

i think quite a few things are relevant to the issue. the conditions in which people live. whether they are paid / remunderated fairly. if they are... then it it hard to know why they don't want to do the job...

also... there must be more jobs to do in and around the place than simply picking cotton or whatever. some of them seemed to want to work in childcare. some of them need to look after the children. some will need to look after the plant. and so on.

it matters whether they are forced to take the jobs that nobody wants -- where nobody wants them because they don't fairly remunerate the people who do those jobs so they force them to do those jobs...

it matters.

in new zealand someone has to do medicine. they seem to be more about picking people they can train to be bullies to force mass compliance. i don't see any evidence of anything else...

i see them selecting against people with a moral / ethical sense.

i see them villify ethics.

i was reading about how on the flights to wellington one can (as an autonomous agent) to give up ones autonomy. to let the pilot fly the plane.

but then i thnink about what the rational autonomous agent would / could do if they know a little more about the process of selection and training and accreditation for pilots... if they knew a little more about how the planes are actually flown, in new zealand.

can a rational autonomous agent make a decision to get in the car with a drunk driver while the drunk driver puts everybody at risk?

can a rational autonomous agent work for the government who will only hear 'yes sir yes sir yes sir you are so wonderful sir you do whatever you want whenever you want because you want sir and you make sure this country only ever drags it's heels generations behind europe when it comes to international standards on human rights and health and safety and... all the things. all the things.'

not really.

is it wise to trust the government to make decisions about water when bloomfield most regrets that he didn't keep a personal diary of the time when he put the country into lockdown unlawfully -- and... got away with it.




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