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Re: australia and nz

Posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 18:50:18

In reply to Re: australia and nz, posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 18:38:57

we used to have people visit from overseas. people. good people. with intelligent and interesting things to say. smart people. people.

and seeing that... and talking with them...

made it more obvious about what was wrong with new zealand.

the research projects / questions. because the only ones approved have major flaws. ethically. or methodologically. whatever... always something. something to make it unacceptable to international community.

the branding thing...

they misunderstood. they misunderstand. they pervert.

'we don't believe in bonding, we believe in branding'.

It is that we don't have training apprenticeships (where a fair amount of labor is part of training and paying off the cost of your training). we don't actually train the next generation. because the people in the advanced positions don't actually know anything. that seems to be the reality of it. it's all nominal. notional. notational. I understand they are on payroll...

The branding thing I didn't mean marketing. I didn't mean that the appeal was in teh marketing. The catchy logo. Branding the university (changing it's name after word gets out about how rubbish it is)...

It was about branding the people.

Physically marking them.

It was about how our students don't get research projects approved / funded unless they agree to comply with... Doing projects that will render them unacceptable to international community. Branding them as morally bankrupt (approving a project that is gratuitously cruel), branding them as ideally bankrupt (approving a project that is confused in it's idea likely because of a very basic 101 item of knowledge that appears to be lacking that most everybody else will know). Forcing them to plagarise. Forcing them to lie about / misrepresent laboratory data.

Those kinds of brandings.

So that when they get their qualifiation (years and years late) it won't mean anything. Because they will want to look at the quality of the work. And then they will look and see and that persons career is over.

That's the point.

Teh University collects up money. Doesn't teach skills. Brands their studnets as morally bankdrupt and idiots and so on.

Then tosses them out to...

To work the plantations for minimum wage.

We don't have universities.

Our qualifications are not acknowledged overseas.

We don't even acknowledge our own qualifications.

They are all 'honorary'.

That is to say: Where is the thesis? Where is it?


The outputs.

Stolen from the students.

They feed the students work into a 'plagarism checker' which gives away teh intellectual property. Then the student who is the original author is told that they plagarised because it's the property of the plagarism checker now.

And what are you going to do about it sqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqwark

go the dementors.


it's their vision.




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