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Re: question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass

Posted by alexandra_k on March 29, 2021, at 17:58:35

In reply to Re: question: assess the feasibility of a vaccine pass, posted by rjlockhart37 on March 29, 2021, at 15:36:16

you don't have to apologise. i'm sorry for cluttering up the boards with my babble.

i think it does cause discrete illness in some people. but when you look at how many shots have been given... only a very few people have had discrete illness from it.

it is like... it is probably safer than driving. it is probably safer than flying. all these other 'risky' activities that are actually really safe if you add up all the time people spend doing them... things do go wrong occasionally. but it is because episodes of things going wrong are so few and so far between that we really hear all about it when something does go wrong.

i don't know if the mRNA shots alter the DNA... I don't know how they work.

if you have a choice you could get a vaccine that is not mRNA. the johnson one is not an mRNA vaccine.

i imagine that mRNA vaccines will become more readily available in the future. now that the cold-chain capacity has been rolled out. i imagine they will have yearly shots, at least... for influenza. that covid will be rolled into / part of that. i imagine...

i think it was last year... in samoa... a couple infants died. apparently a nurse was using expires anasthetic solution to dilute MMR vaccines. the vaccine was supposed to be diluted with saline. i think the nurse was imprisoned or something... but i feel like there must be more to the story. was she following instructions / orders from someone else?

i worry more about that kind of human error -- but that is particular to where i am, in the world.

i think, rj, i think, that your position in your society means that you have reasonable access to reasonably high quality healthcare.

my concerns for new zealand have to do with the fact that i am repeatedly only confronted with and by how i am not valued here, i am not wanted here, i am supposed to be dead already etc etc etc. i am not to produce work, here. my work here will not be acknowledged... and then i learned that my grandfather was actually imprisoned. like, in a concentration camp in new zealand because he believed that when boys / men did not want to go off to likely die for a war all the way around the other side of the globe... he believed that was their right. and he allowed them to stay with him on his parents farm at a time when he was a minister..

and he was a pacifist generally (not just about that particular war). he believed that jesus told us / showed us about turning the other cheek.

and for that he was despised, here, in this concentration camp island of new zealand. where forced compliance is the norm. bullying. from the top. the way the government chooses to do business. the state funded institutions of abuse.

so i think about the level or quality or degree of healthcare... and also access to other services. the quality of the education and legal and so on... all the things... the quality of all of that... and i think about why on earth the new zealand government would actually choose to use vaccines to help rather than harm so many of it's people. i mean... why would there be a sudden turn around?

if you were an immigrant in the USA... if you werent' allowed a drivers lisence. a bank account. medicare / medicaid. if, coming from that position the government were to offer you a free vaccination...



but you aren't there --- are you rj?

so likely you have nothing to fear.

you have the luxury of informed consent.

you are person.





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