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Re: think tanks

Posted by alexandra_k on March 28, 2021, at 12:32:48

In reply to think tanks, posted by alexandra_k on March 28, 2021, at 11:42:37

and it's just the same old same old (yawn) problem of people in NZ being so entirely focused on grubbing their way up a local hierarchy that they fail to see the developed world receeding...

where is my degree?

i don't f*ck*ng care if you can't read. it's nominal / notational. the sign off. where's my f*ck*ng sign off. don't f*ck*ng care if you don't understand it. i never wrote it for you. i actually never wanted to write it at all. the only f*ck*ng reason why i wrote it was because auckland said i needed to have completed a qualification from a nz university in the minimum normal or standard time within the last 5 years. but i don't think anybody has done that within the last 5 years. certainly not on graduate research degrees.

so i found the degree that stated most clearly that external examiners examine the thesis.

so the sign off is notional. notational. so i handed the f*ck*ng thing in, on time, and they refuse to get it to examiners, they ask examiners to examine it as a doctoral rather than masters thesis (so it can only be found to come up short) and when i made the changes the examiners required they refused to get the work back to them.

i'm supposed to sit in the f*ck*ng corner because they refuse to sign their students off.

they refuse to pay their workers.

they refuse to sign their students off.

they refuse to allow research to be produced.

our government 'institutions'. organisations. agencies. the whole thing... all of the things that are supposed to be there for the protection of / the good of the people... they are all just government instituations of how the goverment abuses it's people.

the education system is how the government ensures the people don't learn how to read things like their rights and don't learn to write things like how the government repeatedly refuses to acknowledge and uphold their rights and don't learn how to get and keep and look after money. so the government refuses to give people access to the most basic of resources.

recently a judge said that people (whose job it was to look after) chose to use their power to withhold various things.. privaledges... he called them. chose to use their power to withhold various prialedges... to force compliance.

then when complaince was not achieved or attained by force they chose to use their power to withhold basic needs / necessities. in a determined and intentional effort to break her spirit.

that's what they chose to do.

he said she had suffered enough.

and then...

and then...

and then she was sent back into their care.

because that's the function of the courts.

seems to me to be.




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