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my way or the highway

Posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 20:56:55

that's why we need there to be millions and millions and millions of people.
in new zealand.
that's why we need there to be over-crowding.
that's why we need to shut 3/4 of the space to force over-crowding.
so that psychologically it is drummed into people 'there are too many people there are too many people you are one insignificant person amongst too many people'.

to add more weight or force to this idea that:

it is my way or the highway.

there are too many people wanting to do x. that is why you can't do x. imagine if everybody wanted to do x? not everybody can do x. that is why you don't get to do x.

it's all garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage for:

it is my way or the highway.

what do you want to do... let's call that a needs assessment. now that we know what you need... let's inflict something very different upon you.

and there aren't enough resources for you to have what you need. all the people can't have what it is that you need. therefore you don't get to have the things that you need.

it's all garbage garbage garbage.

it is my way or the highway.

not my way for me... because i am a person and i am master of me...

but i am master of ALL THE PEOPLE!!!

because there are too many people for the people to manage themselves individually. it would be overwhelming. i manage all the people so i am not overwhelmed by all the people...

the tyrants are quite mad.

quite mad.

it's all about forced compliance.

they have it into their heads now there's 5 per cent non-compliants who deserve to be murdered in their sleep for their non-compliance upsetting the social order.

upsetting their keeping of their slaves.

things weren't good. the social order.

not because of Covid.

Covid because things wern't good. weren't good with the social order.

The money wasn't flowing around.

Blocks everywhere. Obstacle people. HOlding up progress. HOlding up development.


They reckon it will take years through teh courts to decide if people do actually have the right to refuse medical treatment in New Zealand.

that is to say they are going to remove front like workers from the front line if they refuse vaccinations. They are talking about vaccination passports, also. Refusing to allow travel if people refuse vaccinations.

Of course most people aren't in the position to refuse vaccinations -- because we don't have enough vaccinations to vaccinate all the people who want to be vaccinated.

But of course the conversation has already turned back to what it's really about: Doing what I say when I say because I say otherwise you are out.

The Government that is. The Government won't give you a Government job. The Government won't let you travel. If you refuse to have a vaccination when they call for you to do that.


Government, answer me this:

1) Why does a front line worker need to be vaccinated? To protect themselves or to protect the people around them or both?

2) Show me the evidence that led you to believe that a person being vaccinated prevents them from passing the disease on to other people who have not been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated?

I don't think they have reason to beleive that vaccination prevents people from being a vector.

SO... Why doesn't that make whether a person is vaccinated or not something that is their own personal private decision that actually has nothing to do with anybody else.


I can tell you why.

Because they are illegitimate. Illegitimate bullies.

Internal review process.
Teh judiciary... They are pulling judges out of retirement to deal with the fallout from Covid (as they put it).

Aka: To hold things up. Delay. Obstruct. Prevent.

WE can't go backwards any faster...




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