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Re: don't have a legal system...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 20:36:17

In reply to don't have a legal system..., posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 20:20:48

i don't think we are allowed to build things unsupervised anymore.

that is to say i think we need inspectors to come from overseas and sign off on (or demand remediation) of various things at various points when it comes to projects. engineering or whatever.

the latest is that the quality of the concrete wasn't good enough so there were cracks appearing in the foundations of a building site.

like how you progressively add 'just a little bit more' melamine or whatever it was to the milk powder to make it look like it's higher in nitrogen (proxy for protein) than it was... which resulted in babies in china being poisioned to death...

you progressively add 'just a little bit more' of whatever cheap filler you can get away with in the concrete or the steel...

you stop using treated timber. that was the thing in the houses. to stop using timber that had been treated for ourdoor use in the foundations of the house. saying that the space between the outer cladding and the inner wall was 'indoor' so didn't need treated timber. then the water soaks into that space in between and finds there isn't any insulation to speak of... and sets about making the structural wood rot. and you get mould / fungus growing in the rotting wood in the walls behind the cladding where nobody can see.

i think we aren't allowed to make milk powder unsupervised now. because of the contamination. can't be trusted. the greed for ever increasing profits.

and with the building sites now.

i think they are starting to put cameras everywhere.

to see what is going on.

the ED's are a problem. not really any senior staff -- they don't want to pay them. you have nurses who are used to running everything themselves and they quite like it that way. they make all teh decisions. people listen to them and jump to their demands of they find themselves bullied into... crying in cupboards. by the tyrant nurses.

anyway... they'll put up the cameras and see what's going on.

it's patient flow at the minute. they aren't moving them out of the ED onto the wards when there are beds available in different sections of the hospital. instead of putting me on the general ward for observation (when there likely was beds) they locked the door on me into a seclusion room in toxicology.

they are saying they have pateints in beds in the halls who aren't on monitors. they are saying they have patients in ambulances who can't be unloaded because there aren't enough beds in the ED.

but the ED nurses aren't in charge of an entire hospital. they need to move patients from the ED to the wards. ICU if they need that. General medical if they don't. Imaging. Where's teh block?


There's always a block.


The Uni's won't enrol.
The Uni's won't sign off.
They won't publically advertise jobs.
They won't hire people into the position.
They will re-advertise jobs over and over without hiring anybody into the position.
They refuse to share the work. They refuse to share teh money.
They refuse to share the power.
They refuse ANY AND ALL of the responsibility.


I had a weird meeting with an English person the other day...
Trying to get me to enrol in English.
I am like 'why would I want to do that?'
I mean I am genuinely puzzled why she is trying to persuade me that that's a good idea.

It took me a couple days to sort it out.

She's talking.

She has no idea what is good or worthwhile about the subject.
She has no grasp of that for herself.

The things she was saying about 'why' are all... Terrible reasons.

She was like... You do reflective writing and then a couple pieces are honed to publishable quality.

And I'm thinking...

Because English has a publication?

And the answer to that is: No.

And I was like 'well, I'm learning how to make a website so I can publish whatever I want on that and people can make up their own mind about the quality of my work -- I don't need to credits in English from New Zealand to do that'.



Nobody wants to see a heavily heavily processed application essay, so far as I can see.

People want to see what the student can do when the student isn't paying bribes to someone else to do the work for them>?


I don't need people telling me 'garbage garbage garbage' when it comes to New Zealand and the Arts anymore. We don't have arts because there's a certain breed of...



That becomes...

More than editing.



There's an awful sort of an 'art' that squeeks through.

And not very much of that.




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