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Re: contaminated drinking water

Posted by alexandra_k on March 21, 2021, at 13:21:09

In reply to Re: contaminated drinking water, posted by alexandra_k on March 21, 2021, at 13:06:35

I am sh*tty with the courts. Our courts don't seem to function... Nothing in New Zealand seems to function. None of it.

It's all about crony-ism. I suppose they won't appoint judges until they have established that they find in favor of person with most power and they find that they get to keep their power (no surprises there).

So the Maaori get locked up for their alleged crimes because that's keeping the power in-house. And the children get forced to custody with their abusive parent because that's keeping the power in-house. And the white psychopaths who don't follow the regulations.

Gobbley gobbeldy sqawk wahoo kdhoaierhegknlkdj. All of a sudden English no work-y no more. There aren't any laws. There isn't any legislation. The laws are simply poetry. Just do whatever you want whenever you want because you want. Have a hearing. Don't like the result? Have another hearing. Don't like the result? Have another hearing. An appeal? Have another appeal. Why not another appeal? We can spend the rest of our lives having things 'work through the courts' which means 'more money / billings for the courts' for gobbley gobbeldy sqawk wahook thioweihtrkgbfkgjlda. Have a hearing. Have another hearing. Have another hearing.

Just making a list of the tribunal decisions from the people who won't get advancement in the legal profession if they don't learn to toe the line on whose judgement they are to find in favor of.


Why would we expect the courts to be any more functional than anything else?

The courts are racist. It isn't only that they lock up Maori who haven't done anything wrong (it's part of gang initiation, here, to take the blame for a crime you did not commit so that a junior gets a 6 month sentance rather than a senior getting 20 years. It's a win-win -- right?)


So our prisons are actually full of people who didn't do the crime for which they have been imprisoned...

And the white people only ever get slap on the wrist.


Some nurse steals over $1,000 from a patient. She isn't allowed to practice as a nurse for whatever amount of time. They put her in charge of the books (of course they do, why wouldn't you intentionally hire someone to fiddle the books?) and so then the courts say that since she's got a steady job in health (doing the books) she can go back to nursing, too.

It's upside down and back to front land here.




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