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contaminated drinking water

Posted by alexandra_k on March 21, 2021, at 13:02:10

Ashley Bloomfield (half a million dollars per year no matter who wins the election), the director general of health...

You don't get to manouver your way into that position, in New Zealand, without being a people pandering panda. That's how our civil service works (how it doesn't work). They don't even publically advertise jobs most of the time, and when they do they are awarded to cronies on the basis of crony-ism.

So now he's going to take control of the water of NZ.

Apparently it is because the local councils are too hick to be removed from their people and there are particular people in their community who they lack the balls to stand up to. So they get some hick person who doesn't want chlorine in the water and they can't say 'no' to them and so the councillers are powerless to do their jobs in teh face of not being able to say no to people who lack the knowledge / capacity to understand what the science says.

But Ashley Bloomfield... Was picked out at a very very very young age (as a child, in fact) to not study science... But to study Medicine. Medicine isn't a grad entry degree in NZ so he was taken out of science (excused or excepted from science) in order for him to study medicine.

And now he mainlines the science. The medicine. The medical science. Directly from God. All by himself.

ANd I'm sure it has nothing at all to do with the Coca Cola company. And with the ruin of the public water supply so that everybody must purchase their drinking water from them.

I'm sure it's got nothing to do with that.

Yeah, right.

They fecally contaminated the water in Hastings. THen used e-coli outbreak to motivate putting chlorine in the water. Apparently the chlorine is reacting with the pipes so that the water out the taps appears brown. They say 'there's nothing wrong with it it's drinkable'. But it's brown water coming out the taps and people (sensitive people) say tehy can in fact smell it and taste it and it doesnt' taste good.

So they are forced to buy clean drinking water or install drinking water systems in their own houses.


You know...

Poison their tenants. I mean, why wouldn't you if you could get away with it?

Things are not good in New Zealand.




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