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Re: Just stopping in to say hi

Posted by alexandra_k on March 20, 2021, at 17:13:56

In reply to Re: Just stopping in to say hi alexandra_k, posted by Noa on March 20, 2021, at 10:57:16

Sigh. What am I not waiting on the courts for?

The 2 public Medical Schools in NZ refuse to train me because they believe they have power to choose whoever they want and they don't choose me. They don't get to choose, though, they have this objective criterion they are supposed to use to select candidates and they refuse to apply it correctly to my application.

I completed a 1 year research degree at a different University in NZ and submitted the thesis in fulfilment of regulations for the Degree 24 february 2019. They refuse to get it to external examiners with the forms for sign off and they refuse to authorise it to be hardbound (to do with invoicing for that since they are supposed to pay for the hardbinding costs). They maintain that they can give or withhold Degrees for whatever reasons they want and they don't have to follow their calendar regulations that say the outcome is to be based in reports of examiners. They both maintain that the examiners required me to re-enrol and pay more fees (when the examiners did not say this) and they maintain that the Dean is allowed to reject teh reports of examiners and require them to re-write new reports if she feels like it.

I am waiting on the courts for the fact my previous landlord hard installed a heater in violation of manufacturers instructions (that they left for me in the flat quite blatantly) and did not get an electrician to sign off on the electrical work. We have had a hearing... A rehearing... Apparently the courts have authorised a third re-hearing. With an entirely different adjudicator. Apparently this is separate and distinct from the appeals process... That is to say they get to have... 3? Goes at appealing a decision once they've exhausted... Well... How many re-hearings could there possibly be? THe instructions say 'not like this' and there is a picture. They did what blokes do. They didn't read the instructions they copied the picture and thereby installed it contrary to manufacturers instructions. It does not meet healthy homes legislation that is coming into force.

The issue now is the Auckland Council is getting involved. I think it is because they put those heaters in teh council flats etc. All the budget accommodation to do with the council. None of the electrical work is being signed off on by a qualified electrition (as it's supposed to be) because builders are cheaper tradies and they've found themselves dodgey ones who have been saying 'whatever you say sir yessir she'll be right sir' which is likely what they said up until the point the new trade convention centre burnt to the ground for the insurance because they got the contract from underbidding and realised at some point that it wasn't getting completed.

I am...

Waiting on a judge to grant a summary judgement (how long should that take?) to require the public University of Otago to give me an application to enrol form. Because they are not 'available upon request' and you shouldnl't have to beg or bribe them they should supply them. Then the courts will have to babysit how they process the application because they can't say 'we have already made up our minds and we do not choose her' they are required to consider the evidnece and made the decision on the basis of the right reasons.

I am also waiting on the Auckland District Health Board. Do you know of 'sane in insane places'? I think he was a Swarthmore psychology professor. He got people to say 'thud' or a couple words like that in a psychiatric assessment and then otherwise act entirely normal. See how long they were held in psychiatric inpatient facilities in the US. Apparently they had writs of habeas corpus in their pockets... Or not... It's unclear how much it's myth / legend...

I presented to the ER with physical complaints. Open wound. They ignored that and involuntarily detained me. I did not feigh psych symptoms at all. It was true that I was a bit... Psych on tenter hooks (as many were) with the lockdown. I said that I had been in my bubble of 1 for a couple weeks. So they put me in a room by myself (solitary confinement) one can only suppose to try and make symptoms more florid... Then they didn't keep any of the paperwork.

I know they were trying to punish me for asking for help from the health system in Auckland. They have written 'use of force' on my file. That is to say they believe they are justified in using force when it comes to me.

I have put in request for my file notes because I believe one of the people passing themselves off as doctor is not qualified / trained / registered. On the basis of speaking with him. They did not do what they were supposed to do to hold someone and involuntarily treat them. None of the paperwork. Etc. So the justice can pronounce on that, too. How it isn't keeping someone under the mental health act when you lock them in a room and force them to take medication without a proper assessment and so on. It's just keeping people in conditions of torture.

I must be crazy, you see. To think that they would choose me to do Medicine.

I must be crazy to not understand that they just do whatever they want to whomever they want because they want.

I must be crazy to not understand that me-victim of them. They - state funded / sanctioned / chosen abusers.

That's life in New Zealand.




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