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freedom of speech

Posted by alexandra_k on December 26, 2020, at 13:31:12

In reply to Re: reasons for vaccine hesitancy..., posted by alexandra_k on December 26, 2020, at 13:17:32

apparently the new zealand government is currently or presently involved in restricting freedom of speech in new zealand. clamping down on things they think may or might (according to their own estimation, i am sure) incite hatred or... political unrest. or something equally vague.

because when, in the mixed member proportional representation system, you get such a landslide victory... such a unanimous or univocal response from countrymen... in that kind of an environment...

clearly what is needed...

is for laws to be passed restricting the speech of the citizens.

apparently north korea has elections and you are required to go vote. and there is only one name on the ballot. new zealand gets to be like that with the whole 'there is no alternative' or 'only one candidate got funded' or similar.

harvard... in offering a scholarship in the name of jacinda arden for a world leader... where the prize was money for a new zealand student to get to go study at harvard... in a leadership school that reveres or honors her enough to offer a scholarship to a citizen of new zealand in her name... she couldn't really turn it down...

there were a couple carefully crafted questions.

and it was interesting some of the things she had to say.

the clear anti-intellectualism that was present in her appearing by video conference in a room that did not have either any books... or the new zealand flag in the background.

how she said she got to be in the position she is in by holding on to the most basic of moral values that were learned by her as a child... not selling out those values and seeing where teh world would take you / what luck simply falls your way...

and she's asked about political donations. and she's embarrassed that they have $25,000 for a campaign -- and that converts into her thinking it's okay to have considerable private business donations and the like as the real driver. i mean on the one hand she's saying it's good that it's cheap so anybody can run for the election... then on the other she's saying that everyone is forced to sell out to private business and the one who sells out the most wins... on her third hand she's saying she held onto her morals that were instilled as a child...

it was illuminating...

i am concerned about further restictions on freedom of speech because our freedom of speech... is practically non-existent at the moment. and whatever freedom of speech there is goes into the ocean as a drop and isn't acknowledged or responded to. there is very much mob rule.

and the culture of... fear. numbness.

i do believe... this guy employed by waikato... he seems genuinely sweet. kind. not the fastest worker -- but methodical. and he comes out with some beautiful turns of phrase. and he seems good.

why didn't he speak up for me?

i could see in his face... and what he wrote... he was careful. he said i was progressing towards completion of the qualification (he attested to my meeting progress milestones -- when everyone else in the university was denying it). but he did not stand up for me any further. after the examiners reports came back the extortion letters came out. he just said i should take it to the courts and he couldn't be involved in case he needed to testify.

he has a wife. and twins. i think that's it.

things are very oppressed, here.

i have various things in the courts. that is to say on the record. i post them here. on the record...

if i should disappear... the new zealand government needs to be held accountable for it's crimes.




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