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Re: beware of spies

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 23:02:49

In reply to Re: beware of spies, posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 22:52:06

i mean the nazi soldiers... once they murdered a few... once they were conned or tricked into it. once they'd done it a time or two... they are now pretty psychologically invested in that being okay. and what makes it okay? what makes it okay (to them, to their mind) is getting other people to do what they did.

like how my mother wanted me to carry her shame for her. there's an element or aspect of that...

so this kid can't or doesn't find a scholarship or whatever makes it feasible for them to write a thesis / do a graduate research degree. but then this person says 'sure i'll supervise you'. maybe they even say that they can scrape up some funding for them. and then the supervisory person requires them to commit some kind of atrocity (ethical violation, good practice statistical violation, plagarism, whatever).... basically forces them to do that otherwise isn't going to sign them off.

then, once teh student has committed a crime of some sort. paying a bribe or whatever... success!! the student is just like the supervisor. who only got their degree because of what they agreed to do... and so on... and so on, i suppose.

and they do want the people to go away rather than doing graduate research degrees. i get that. because they have the jobs and the money and the titles and they don't want to produce anybody who might possibly replace them. and often they know they themselves are crap. often hired only because they will not sign anybody off unless they agree to committ atrocities too...

and the universities set about hiring them... and signing off on those ones (only) and so on... race to the bottom...


why can't they just get out the way, then, and let the self-motivated studnets get their work done and sign them off, then.

why can't they?

it's psychological.


nasty miserly... psychopathic.

i'm sorry they didn't get the help they needed.

i'm even sorrier that they refuse to allow the things to develop that would result in... help for them or people like them.

they insist on ruling with their iron fists.

they insist on refusing to allow the people to develop.

and i guess people just watch from overseas. watch them documenting their crimes.

i wonder when we get back to the bombs... back to the destruction of christchurch.

it's world war three out there, rj.

things are unravelling...




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