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Re: beware of spies

Posted by alexandra_k on December 25, 2020, at 22:52:06

In reply to beware of spies, posted by rjlockhart37 on December 14, 2020, at 21:17:27

i get upset, periodically, about people stealing my socks. or, more in particular, stealing one sock. i mean, who would want to steal one of my socks? it's no good to them!

and then i find it, usually plastered against the side of the washer.

in fact... if i'm honest about it. every single time. every single time in known history i've found the sock right where i've left it plastered against the inside of the washer.

but my natural reaction / response is 'who the f*ck would steal one of my socks!!!!!!!'

i'm clearly not theory of mind deficient lols. i sees intentionality... oh yes, i do...

it's hard to know about spies.

it's hard to know what spies might be up to.

i am fond of i think it was nitzche who said 'god is dead'. and then there was this real fear that without believing in god the people would have no reason to be moral. there was this idea that people needed to believe that god was watching them and might punish them otherwise they wouldn't behave honestly or well or with any integrity at all.

and then i think that that actually turns out to be true, for really rather a lot of people. and we have increasingly become all 'big brother' like in the sense of security cameras everywhere and our phones and televisions and computers constantly watching us. keeping records or logs of everything that we do. spying, if you will.

and i think:

what was the point or the purpose or the function of God. or spies or big brother?

and i think... because without these things the people would beat each other up and steal each others stuff and all the crimes and so on.. people would do these things if they werent' on camera.

but increasingly people seem to be believing that they are required to commit atrocities on camera. for the camera. they are required to have blank unthinking staring faces in seminars while mighty world leaders with scholarships talk to the audience about all the human rights violations and crimes tehy commit.

the spies are picking out and picking off whats left that's good or genuine or hopeful or optimistic or true or...

the spies are dementors...


things are coming to a head, rather.


these are trying times.

whose spying?
what side are you on?
what is the cost of being wrong?




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