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Re: what we see and feel Dr. Bob

Posted by Fallen4MyT on April 29, 2004, at 18:18:24

In reply to Re: what we see and feel, posted by Dr. Bob on April 28, 2004, at 21:59:27

Hey Dr Bob, To be honest no I really do not see it because it would HAVE to be some posters to net a feeling ignored result....I cant say for example *rabbits* are ignoring me/us/them..when it's other posters...So how else could I put it..???? .I am not really talking about ME being ignored because I am off the site more than being ignored is not my issue anymore...its the issue in general..I have REALLY seen posts STARTED by people ...not all the same person....ignored...thats sad and my point is just to point out it would be *civil also* if we all took the and then **IF we had the RESOURCES to note those posts and respond not out of pity or anything but because its the right thing to do..IF WE CAN DO IT** I would not think someone on the edge would post to them and thats understandable...That's all I was saying. I cannot pretend I do not see people feeling hurt because they are overlooked...I hope this makes sense...??? I have a bad flare up of carpels tunnel and typing is killing me...Anyhow its not against anyone ITS FOR posters new and old..and to POINT out this really is an issue...If I had a party and someone felt left out because nobody *spoke back to them*..that would make me so sad. Thats what I am saying. I see your point on those who don't want the responsibility so to speak or cannot do it....but I am not talking about them...I mean hey if ANY of us have a good wouldnt hurt to talk to someone who has a post out there nobody replied too...BLAB BLAB BLAB LOL I KNOW..NO WONDER I have carpels tunnel..I just dont want people to feel hurt is all


<<> [B] I could name about 7 people's screen names ... who never miss a reply to one another's posts ... yet they miss or ignore a post STARTED by another poster

I think I see what you mean, A is about people feeling ignored by others, and B is about people doing the ignoring.

But the "different angle" makes it a civility issue. A is an I-statement, "I feel ignored", and is about your feelings. B is a they-statement, "they ignore others", and is about the behavior of other people -- and so could lead other people to feel accused of that behavior.

Does that make any sense?

Bob >>




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