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Re: please be civil spoc

Posted by Dr. Bob on April 27, 2004, at 16:01:55

In reply to Re: Invisibility about invisibility rainyday, posted by spoc on April 27, 2004, at 11:19:37

> I think people who have been here a long time or are "established" ... don't think about what may be happening to some of the other people... people ... pay little attention to what happens right under their noses.

> people keep talking *around* someone on a thread (often when what they said was something you can be sure would've been responded to if another name accompanied it; and not infrequently when it was even >> directed to someone specific).
> Benefit of the doubt can be given that people don't *realize* they do it, but not about *whether* they do it.

> I've ... tried to join in speaking about the thing or giggling about it ... and people will still go around a person, clinking their glasses over their head.

> I just posted >> to you above and I'm the only one you didn't answer

I'm sorry if you've felt neglected here, but I need to ask you not to post anything that could lead others to feel accused. It tends to be more civil to talk about how you feel than what others do, for example, by using I-statements.

If you have any questions or comments about this or about posting policies in general, or are interested in alternative ways of expressing yourself, please see the FAQ:

or redirect a follow-up to Psycho-Babble Administration.

Posting something about your own issues and their possible role in your reaction might be an interesting exercise -- and might help others respond to you supportively.


> this place is supposed to be a little different, and not require people (who may not be up to it) to struggle as hard to be heard and known as they may have to elsewhere.

Someone may or may not have to struggle here. A supportive environment helps, but doesn't necessarily make things easy.

> this ... may just not be a good medium for all... some may do better if they fixed their problems first, but then they probably wouldn't need to be here period, so it's another paradox. Of course nothing can work for everyone, that's just the way it is.

This definitely is not a good medium for all. But it might be a good enough medium if someone's problems are "fixed" enough...





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