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Re: Expectations of the board with suicidal ideation

Posted by zenhussy on June 11, 2003, at 13:00:41

In reply to Expectations of the board with suicidal ideation, posted by judy1 on June 10, 2003, at 13:38:17

Damn this is a toughie. Everyone has weighed in with quite thoughtful responses.

I agree with those that state this IS NOT the place for 'brick and mortar' help. However, we must recognize that not everyone who is posting to this board has access to a support network, suicide hotline, hospital, medical attention, etc.

For some this is it. This is their last cry for help and for those posters who are mentally and emotionally up to supporting a suicidal poster then great---Dr. Bob's theory of support works. But to expect miracles to occur if someone is intent on killing themselves is just draining to the entire community.

Those that are not up to supporting suicidal posters need to recogize their own needs and take care of themselves. Yes it can bring up feelings of helplessness, anger or resentment but those feelings can be dealt with in another thread or with a friend in e-mail or through another avenue of support. How helpful in the past if you have been suicidal has anger been in that situation? I know if I posted here in the darkest funk suicidal and was met with an angry response I would be devestated at that person's lack of support or empathy. Why direct that anger at one who is already in so much pain?

Yes there are those who cry wolf as part of their illness. Not many of us try to be manipulative when we are out of our right minds but the disease has a weird way of creating absolute chaos in the brain and the thought process. Suicidal posters for the most part are not thinking rationally---and not of their own choosing! We are a board of people with mental illnesses that manifest in many different ways.

No one is forced to read any threads on this board. And if suicidal posters are too triggering then avoid those posts at all costs.

If one is in the position to offer up support to a suicidal poster then they can only type in information. Many here have been suicidal just once and others have suicidal thoughts daily but just have learned not to act on them. There is a plethora of sympathy and empathy for being in that horrible place where death seems like the correct and only answer. The people who post to suicidal posters are trying to bring a glimmer of light back into the darkness that has closed in on one of us.

I am not aware of anyone going through Dr. Bob to get an ISP address to contact police or appropriate authorities about any suicidal posters.

I had more to say but again lost that train of thought and now must get out the door.





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