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Re: addicted to male attention

Posted by kposs75 on December 24, 2008, at 9:39:22

In reply to Re: addicted to male attention, posted by tinkerbelle06 on September 25, 2008, at 20:32:32

OMG, I am glad I found this. I have been wondering if I have an addiction to male attention too and I am sure I do. I look back to my teen years and was totally like you describe. Loving the male attention to the point that the attention part is all I really wanted. I would eat it up BIG TIME. I'd do stupid things to get it and to keep it even though I kept knowing it was very hollow, but I just HAD to have it. I wanted to get as many guys wound up as I could and did not care if anything came of it, just as long as I got that attention regarding my looks and made them want me BAD.

Now I am struggling again. It went away for a while and I have been married for 5 years, with the guy for a total of 11 years. I had some health probs and also some jealously stuff to overcome so that kept me focused on him only for a long time. Problem is, I have distanced from him this past year and my addiction is BACK in FULL FORCE now and it is causing me major problems. I am feeling very mad at myself right now and totally feel like I am losing control of my ability to respect myself. I ended up getting involved with an older man who is NOT available and I think he cares about me genuinely but we are not really "together" and I am so hooked on the attention he gives that I am finding myself getting very depressed and crying and not wanting to eat and just a total wreck any time I think he is not giving me that attention. It is the things he says about my body, my looks, they way I can get him all wound up, just like you mentioned. I thrive on it but wow, it is taking its toll SO bad on me. I am at the point now where like a drug, it is never enough now unless he totally focuses on me in that particular way. It has gotten to a sickening level. I don't even care if he and I actually end up being intimate at this point (we have in the past and it was great at first but that is not even my goal now), it is just the fact that I can get that attention from him and stuff gets started that is enough for my fix. But it is like I need it A LOT from him. He is a very suave guy, like yours, many women after him. So I can relate to that too. We cannot be together though and I know I need to break this badly. I am starting to really lose myself in this and that feeling is a bad one that is making me sick. It is unreal how I can get SO upset if he dont come around or say the stuff I want to hear like multiple times a day. It just keeps getting worse.

I am in therapy and on a med to help the depression and try to work through this. But, I was looking online for someone else with this issue and saw your post and wanted to talk. I'd love to talk to you via email if you are interested.




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