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Re: How long to get over an ex?Husband, lover, or

Posted by tinkerbelle06 on September 25, 2008, at 20:53:25

In reply to Re: How long to get over an ex?Husband, lover, or susan47, posted by Phillipa on September 20, 2008, at 13:03:32

I've heard/read on several occassions that it takes 50% of the time you spent dating/together to get over a realtionship. So, if you dated a year, then it should "technically" take 6 months to get completely over him, according to the "experts".

I think I believe that. In the most recent article I read, I think they said it would be okay to begin dating once you felt comfortable, but that you would still be dealing with issues from that relationship and perhaps even missing aspects from your relationship with that person for several weeks/months after it was over. I totally belive this.

I dated my first real boyfriend for 3 years. I didn't date again seriously for two years, but I think I was totally over him within a year and a half. I began dating new people witin three months of the break-up, but I wasn't completely over my boyfriend for quite a while. I had a tendancy to still compare other guys to him until that point.

My next real boyfriend I dated for 10 months. I think it probably did take me 5 months to get over that relationship, but only because the break-up was so turbulent. It caused me to be very nervous about dating again and the break-up was really public. So, I had a hard time knowing who I could trust.

My next serious boyfriend I dated for about a year and a half. When we broke up, I started dating another guy just 4 months later. I don't think I was completely over the first guy until the second guy and I had been together for about six months. He had JUST lost his first love, just weeks before, and I KNOW he was not over her even when he and I had been together for two years. He was still comparing me to her and telling his family how he wished I was more like her. However, we have now been together for FOUR YEARS. We're both over our past relationships, but if we break up now, I guess it will take over two years to get over each other. Ouch!




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