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Posted by Just Me33 on September 4, 2008, at 13:27:11

In reply to Re: How he can flip the switch:, posted by Fivefires on September 4, 2008, at 13:09:22

> Someone told me once that I get so into the guy I'm with, I become like a tiny bird in their hand, which they can either be kind to or crush.
> Jeez .. I'm prob' a lot older than you guys, but somehow you begin to see you are 'very much an individual and for this you feel proud of yourself'.
> I've looked back at situations like this I've been in, and here I am in another one, and ya' know what? I'm 'picky'.
> Yes, I am. And, I 'give' a lot, and I guess it's not really right TO EXPECT it in return, but I have always tended to expect such. If I could change the rules 'they'(?) wrote, I'd change that one.
> I miss a man who gave me so little in comparison with what I placed on his table. I loved and maybe I do still some (been a week and a half), but he should have made a lot of different moves in the long time we've been together and I'm really sick of waiting for something that may never come.
> So, I'm moving on, tho' to tell you the truth I don't really know what that is supposed to mean o_o.
> I'll bet he'll miss me tho'. And, you girls are the type men will look back on and think 'she was something else'. I really think this.
> Well of course there's the deal where you go looking for someone to hurt you because you're used to being hurt. Let's try not do this, huh? Yeah right; not easy. I'm like a magnet for the men who need fixin'.
> But, things are changing, changes happen; believe and have faith and we'll change and our lives will follow.
> Oh, and Just Me33, when you said 'turn it on and turn it off', I thought to myself, this guy's gotta be another Gemini.(?)
> It's so good to be able to come here and talk about this pain in our hearts, and not feel so alone.
> If I looked like what I've been eating the last few days, I'd be a chocolate covered potato chip. That comfort food really works well if ya' need to distract.
> Speaking of distracting though, don't agree it's the end-all to probs'; think this talking does wonders as well.
> 5f

If you read my post to Susan47, a lot of my issue is this abandonment issue, being alone...I am dying inside and I want to call him so bad and tell him that maybe this WAS partly my fault, because I DO have abandonment issues...then, we could remain talking on the phone (as he lives in a different state) until I am ready to move on....but that would be so terribly wrong! But it would make me feel so good.

I wonder how long you have been with his man that you have just moved on from (or are at least, in the process of moving on).

And there must be TWO magnets, because I am the other one...I feel the need to nurture and help and love the men I have been with, even if I do not get the same in return.

I am the opposite of a chip...cannot eat hardly at all...seem to be able to stomach wine pretty well, though!

Oh, gosh, yes...he is a a "T." Was yours?

Tell me what to do to resist the urge to NOT call him! I just wish I could still crawl into his he sorry, does he miss me and think about me...or has he thrown out all the mementos and moved on?




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