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Re: lackign impulse control.. fleeting flutterby

Posted by karen_kay on July 28, 2008, at 20:02:56

In reply to Re: lackign impulse control.. karen_kay, posted by fleeting flutterby on July 28, 2008, at 15:49:22

hey you!

i've been told i'm cryptic (hey, i thought that meant old for a minute, but it doesn't), so i'll be more open and honest.

challenge= man who i want to sleep with, but mister kk says no, or i think i have no shot for various reasons.

i think you may have hit the nail on the head with the whole narcisisst thing (god, i know that's selled wrong, but i'm too lazy to scroll down to your post and find the correct spelling).

what was i sayig/typing again?

oh yeah, so his 'orders' are more like 'no sleeping with mister booger' or whatever. but then i find out exactly what my limits are, and try to push them.

wowsa, i'm something else, huh?

i know i'm horrible. i know i'
m screwing with a whoel lot of people (ot literally. please don't think i'm some kind of whore whose sleeping with tons of guys or anythig like that, nto that there's anythig wrong with that. i probably would be if i weren't married with a wonderful little boy. hey, tere's a pic of him on the parent's page tooo :) sorry, shameless plug.

butttt.... that's me, well part of me. i hate to admit it, but that's how i am. i like to push that boundaries. maybe i still do have daddy issues?

and trust me, there was nothing offensive in your post at all hun. it takes quite a lot to offend me :) and you were othing but thoughtful and helpful.

so, am i a bad person? because i don't see myself ever 'growing' up an dstopping. is that what it is? i just need to grow up? is there somethign seriously wrong with me? do i have some sort of serious personality disorder causign this, or am i jsut a child, lacking self control and manipulating.

sometimes ti bugs me. but when i'm flirting and skirtig the envelope, it sure is fun.

i'm goig to hell. i already know it. may as well live it up while i can, right?

thanks for the thought provoking points. now wht?




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