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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 17:19:02

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 17:08:43

the decision making process does not work, in nz. the leaders are, and i mean this very genuinely, by usual definitions of the term, delusional.

they come to a snap judgement for all the wrong reasons. associations they had. biases they had. incorrect beliefs they had. they come to a snap judgement for all the wrong reasons.

then, once they've made their decision for all the wrong reasons they engage in ever increasingly complicated ways of justifying the decision that they made in a way that is recaltruent to any evidence that maybe they did not make the best decision.

they will end up with piles and piles and piles of paperwork all compiled after the fact. not that explains their reasoning as their reasoning unfolds in a way that is sensitive to new information or new evidnce. but in a way that cherry picks only that which supports that which has already been decided.

and the justifications too.

presently the courts of nz are basiclaly refusing to read the laws as the laws have been written by statute. just refusing to accept that they say what they say.

the universities have developed local policies that are ultra vires. prohibited. the statute says domestic adults are eligible. the universities say 'there are three pathways to eligibility' and proceeds to define them so people the statute specifically says are eligible are deemed ineligible by the univerities.

that is to say they have been wrongly deciding applications to medicine since...




the universities, apparently, have even managed to get politicians funding their charade.

they got funding to go around the schools and encourage teenagers to apply to medicine.

to try and drum up as many applications as they could... to try and obscure the fact that they won't train anybody who they think won't be suitably or sufficiently compliant with management and administrations directive to serve the god that is management and administration.

i can't even get started on all the wrong beliefs they have... about how there never will be enough to go around. how life is a hierarchy and it is about kicking others back which makes you intrinsically better... all the crap. all the f*ck*ng garbage b*llsh*t of their own pathology that they inflict upon the world...

while going 'nonononononono that's you not me'

so that's why they have 1/2 a million per year, then, while they refuse to process my applications and completions... while they refuse to comply with international standards on everything from face masks to... nz refused to accept the evidence that was accepted everywehre else. we were waiting for the randomised double blind control trial whereby 1/2 the people exposed to covid without a face mask meant that how many were infected with covid? We needed to watch people die. we needed to watch people die. we will not accept the evidnce. people must die.




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