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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 16:38:55

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 15:39:32

Ashley Bloomfield's luster is wearing off... Which he should have seen coming. That's the thing about the stronger emotions. If people love you with a passion then that passion can easily turn to something else...

People are seeing that he doesn't really answer questions... And he does the steam-roller thing of talking through people. And you see how he doesn't listen. And the people know that.. They know it from the managers and administrators standing over them. Preventing them from doing their job.

And so when he says 'I know as my experience of a clinician...' The people don't really buy that. Because he is administration or management. He isn't practicing Medicine. He took a place in Medical School and then chose to use the Degree to work for a District Health Board (which he didn't need a qualification in Medicine to do) and work for administration or management. To save money for the DHB. To save money so he is on half a million per year. That's how good he is at saving money. He is on half a million per year because of how much money he saves the government. But we can't afford to hire enough nurses. Not once we've paid Ashley (and various other managers / administrators).


The Royal Australasian Colleges have withdrawn from NZ. Often. They would issue 'compliance' notifications. Basically saying that they did their check or inspection or whatever and this and that and the other is found wanting. To the point where failure to comply means that they cannot allow registrars (training specialists) to train in that hospital, or with that DHB anymore.

I think anasthesiology has... Withdrawn from NZ entirely. Because they are saying that NZ hospitals and DHB's are refusing to do the compliance things so... They can't offer the training programmes... They can't put the registrars in those hospitals. So.. That means that the hospital and the DHB don't have... Well... A whole system. Because you would have a few consultants. They would have registrars. So there would be a specialist unit. A functioning one.

But the hospitals and DHB's didn't do what they needed to comply. So the specialists went away.

So they progressively came to staff the hospitals with... 6th year Medical Studnets who hadn't been accepted to any speciality... ANd then... We don't have a formal match system the way the US does... They say it can take a couple years of working before you match... But I think that's just NZ trying to force the Medical Graduates to work for lowest pay for longest time in the hospitals...

We got 'ruralists' they are calling them... People who were trained in Aussie to go out to rural communities. We are talking outback. We are talking... They are doing Obgyn to do with birthing. They are doing anasthetics. They are doing cesarians. Thtey are now working in the Christchurch hospital, apparently, passing themselevs off as general surgeons... Getting pretty bad results, apparently. By US standards. They are patting themselves on the backs at how well they are doing. How well they are doing with little to no resources or support staff. Working in a city in NZ.

Then NZ goes 'if you won't accredit our hospitals for non-compliance we will develop our own standards whereby our specialists will comply with what we say the standards are'. So we have the NZ college of Orthopedics whereby we have special standards as to what is acceptable (in terms of levels of staffing, no doubt) etc etc for practice in NZ. And the Aussies are saying 'you choose. If you train to do ortho in NZ we will not acknowledge your specialist training'. ANd the NZ people say they won't acknowledge the Austrlaian training.

So then...

We lose all the internatinal best practice.
We don't have the hand sanitiser.
We don't have the face masks.
We don't have working autoclaves.
We don't have safe levels of nursing staff...

We have special standards just for NZ> ones that are right for our sociocultural development. As the managers and administrators force everything to be nasty bruish and short.

Nononononoononononono you can't make us.

Squawk the dementors. The frontal lobe deficient...

The grand plan for the failure to thrive that is NZ...




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