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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 16:23:39

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by alexandra_k on August 5, 2021, at 16:09:01

And it is all just nepotism and cronyism...

And I know the nepotism thing will only get us so far in understanding the rather unique place that NZ has in the world where it has been developing... Backwards...

Because we are talking about a nation where people will happily eat their young.

We are talking about a situation whereby parents will have 2+ houses... A house for themselves and a rental property... While the kids are forced to keep living in the family home. Talking about adults. Married partners. Living at home with parents while saving for a house. The parents won't help their kids into their own homes... They will keep them in their own homes as... Slaves. I suppose. Hostages. You get the idea.

Parents who want to force a certain way of life onto their kids. Decide what jobs they will work etc. Typically trying to force their kids to see and accept that what they have chosen is the only way. A sort of coming to peace with their own decisions.

I mean... Think of how the Nazis would have raised their kids. There was this thing about double consciousness whereby they would go to work and commit atrocities and then be very loving towards their kids. Wonderful parents. Yes but... There comes the time when they need to explain how things are to their kids... And they will likely tell their kids that they had no option but to do the atrocities that they did. Their kids will see that. Their kids will see that too. They will make sure of it. Their kids will have no other option because the parents had no other option too. The parents will make sure of that. So that the parents can live with themselves. Can live with themselves and the choices they made. Because they cannot face that they had choices. So there cannot be choices. So there are no choices.

So anyone who refuses to comply must be matyred. Persecuted. To show that there are no choices. There is no choice. Nada. No choice. Forced compliance only.


Tis a problem.


The administration has go to go. They won't have things any other way. It's the game they insist on playing. It's the administration or it's everything else (doctors and teachers and police and builders and plumbers and all the things. All the things. All the things). We can have the present administration and watch this country f*ck*ng sink into the swamps of nasty bruitish and short while we sit about singing the praises of the incompetent administrators and managers.. Or they can be the ones to f*ck off, for a change.

F*ck off, for a change, administration of NZ.

That's a good slogan.




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