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Re: ... jump

Posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2021, at 21:19:55

In reply to Re: ... jump, posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2021, at 21:06:03

new zealand finally gets around to passing laws banning conversion therapy (electric shocks to homosexuals)...

new zealand hasn't gotten around to passing modern day slavery laws.

new zealand hasn't gotten around to passing capital gains tax laws.

new zealand has started getting around to passing health homes laws...

but not enforcing them. i'm still waiting for a sensible judgement to be enforced by the courts.

1 adjudicator found something sensible. then they called for a 'rehearing'.
2 adjudicator agreed with 1 adjudicator. then they called for a 'rehearing'.
3 adjudicator refused to accept the evidence and wrote a foil. being charitable. stating nonsense. tenants are responsible for getting electrical inspectors out to prove that the property is not electrically compliant. otherwise it is deemed to be electrically compliant and the tenant has not proved to the court that installing a heater in violation of manufacturers instructions is presenting a fire hazard or is non-electrically compliant. because 'do not wire the cord behind the heater' does not prohibit a cord going lengthways or heightways behind the heater it means not going along the hypotenuse behind the heater. clearly. behind means behind AND hypotenuse. totally. that's what english means.


from the courts.

4. court of appeal. court date set for october 2019. for an issue i reported around october 2018.

burn them down.

the courts i mean to say.

there's nobody home.

the solicitor general stood up and said that the job of crown law is to destroy evidence and delay and obstruct and prohibint and prevent proceedings against the government.

the un said there was to be an inquiry about abuse in state care between certain dates. the idea was to restrict the scope of inquiry so that there would be timely justice. a sensible precedent setting verdict from the courts. that other litigants could then appeal to for more recent cases. that other litigants could then appeal to for cases against the churches and other private schools and so on.

so they intentionally broadened the scope of the inquiry to prevent or prohibit timely justice. they intentionally are saying, now, they want to bring the church in on it. collect reparation from the church. that is to say the government refuses to pay for the abuses at the hand of the government. they refused to restrict the scope of inquiry to the government. they refused to focus on the reparation owing from or by the government. it's an inquiry in to the abuses at the hands of the government.

timely justice. everybody knows that other litigants will get more from things like Dillworth (the wealthiest private school in NZ that appears to have been set up primarily to enable people to abuse vulnerable children. it was a pedophile ring by all accounts. they have a lot of money. wealthiest private school in NZ. I mean... how much will you pay Dillworth to 'work' there so you get to molest little kids? While the NZ government turns a blind eye and does everything they can to prevent and prohibit things from stopping. changing. prevent and prohibit reparation.

this is not a democracy at all.


nz is the most corrupt country in the world. the administration refuses sto see it. refuses to investigate it. refuses to do anything about it.

i have documented how people whose job it is to identify it won't do it.

and all the dr deaths. right? all the lengths the government goes to to ensure that medicine is the provenance or domain of the death-bringers. that's what it's a bout. right>

f*ck*ng psychopath land




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