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Re: Can Analytic Therapy make you more rebellious?

Posted by alexandra_k on May 27, 2020, at 18:23:49

In reply to Re: Can Analytic Therapy make you more rebellious? Lamdage22, posted by alexandra_k on May 27, 2020, at 18:15:01

It was from the DBT skills manual.

I think you can find this if you search online. I think it is purchase-able, I mean to say. It was photocopyable for group therapy handout.

They printed them off for us and put them all in a ring-binder.

But the group therapy helped, being able to role-play.

Or just to run things by...

I remember at one point. It was about having to go to GP and get stitches. My therapist was going with me (there was a GP clinic over the road). I was feeling bad. I didn't mean to cut so deep / make such a bother of myyself. But it wasn't going to heal well on it's own so going across the road...

And I remember being embarrassed, really. And saying to my therapist on the way over there 'I don't know what to say'. And she was like 'just say at reception that you would like to see a doctor'. ANd maybe she said something about 'and if they ask for more information say you have a wound that needs attending to'.

And at the time I was like 'oh, of course, that's a sensible thing to say. Sure.

It was strange, I thought, that I didn't think to say that, myself.

(I am having trouble remebering, now. Now I am thinking that that isn't likely... Usually (now) in precisely that kind of a situation the receptionist will get very very nosey and expect you to tell the whole waiting room what you are there for. Then you will be required to tell it all to a nurse (passing themselves off as the doctor). And they will hmm and ha and pretend to be the doctor. Then you will get to see the doctor. But this was my memory of it. Of how I actually didn't need to tell the receptionist any details at all. I guess it is playing into that guilt that people have... That got receptionsts... MOre cockey these days to ask for more details... I suppose I need to get better about being more assertive nowdays with people continually trying things on trying to poke their nose in when I don't want it just to see if they can).

It is like the 2 meter social distancing thing. People encroach into that space in order to check yoru reaction to their encroachment.

Anyway... Maybe the book would help you.




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