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I wanted to help people

Posted by alexandra_k on March 2, 2020, at 22:04:06

I did.
I wanted to help people.
I wanted to help people in a circumscribed way.
Where I was 'on' and playing a role.
Where I got to use my brain to figure things out.
Where I got to use my communication skills in explaining things to people in a language they can understand.
Where I got to use my sensitivity and empathy and compassion in empowering them to know what is going on, at least, and hopefully to provide options of things that might help.

I am good with people.

I am good with people on the psych ward.
I am good with the street-people.
I am good with the gangsta youth.
Maybe because I see elements of me in them.
Maybe because I see in this country that many of these people are in fact our brightest and most talented who are kicked back and deprived by the worst of the people.

I am good with people who have options, too.
Insofar as they care about this informed consent business.

I was good with academics in Australia.
People liked me in hospitality.
My boss said I was helpful and that people seemed to like me.

And so...

What the f*ck went wrong?

Why is it that New Zealand treats me like I'm intellectually handicapped.

Why is it that New Zealand refuses to fairly grade my work (or get my work to people capable of fairly grading it) or refuses to deliver the result of the independent assessment?

Why is it that New Zealand refuses to f*ck*ng listen to me about anything anything anything at all. The most basic of things. Refuses to fuckign listen.

Why is it that New Zealand refuses to process my stuff. The people just go 'no' and dismiss it because they don't know how to process it. Instead of doing their job (and passing it up if they don't know how) they just throw my application away / dismiss it.

People don't seem to have the cognitive capacity to comphrehend the plans I made and how I've worked for this.

People treat me like garbage, honestly.

Just stealing the stuff and throwing the people away.

I don't think the people who get to do it are people who want to help people.

I think people who get to do it are people who don't want to help people. People who want to help themselves to people.

That's the advertising / marketing. You want to do it not for what you can do fo rthe job, but for what the job can do for you.

Who wouldn't want to give cervical smears to women who have been anesthetised for unrelated proecdures without their permission?

Who wouldn't want to carve their name into people's organs if they could get away with it - and of course they can?

I mean...

Who wants to be a cleric?



You get death magic. If you get really cool death magic... You know... Ranged damage dealer.

Well, then people want to be a cleric, all of a sudden.

For the good of....

For the good of...

Yeah. well.




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