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Re: just need to talk

Posted by alexandra_k on June 1, 2018, at 8:46:47

In reply to Re: just need to talk, posted by B2chica on May 30, 2018, at 21:17:05

> Thank u.

i'm glad you posted. i was worried my chatter would put you off. i was hoping it would help you feel more comfortable posting (to your thread) but, i don't know, i wonder that i'm maybe domineering, or something, with my tendancy to prattle on...

> Im a major introvert and am exhausted easily by droll conversations. Im also a writer, so times introvert by 3 and increase it that pi...


> Also family makes it hard . Truth is I dont really want more friends, I just want to feel less alone which is caused by Crappy marriage...

i've heard people say that quality rather than quantity becomes important, as you get older. when you are young new people are shiny new people. when you get a bit older you know that most people ain't worth sh*t and so a shiny new person is more likely to be... uh... not such a bonus to your life.

> a person never feels more aimlessly alone than when they are with someone who resents and dislikes them... me.

yeah. something about 'with friends like these...'

> Sometimes a small part of me wishes I had a brain injury that made me dumb, since I know it is in part my intelligence that makes him feel less.

i think that is what alcohol is for. for all the people who think (probably know) that some kind of frontal lobe injury / higher brain function deficit would help them fit in a whole heap better into their surroundings...

> And I dont think that, nor do I say that, elude to that, or in anyway degrade him. He is smart and I tell him that, but he is riddled with sarcasm, self deprecating comments and can get easily belligerent with me.
> Hes very socially needy, and as an introvert that is exhausting for me.
> Thank u
> b

sounds like you need more time / space for you. and maybe... i don't know if it is possible to coax him into a more appropriate time / space for him?

can you send him to aa or something? i don't know...

what would help you?
what would you like to talk about?

i mean... assuming idiots like me can just... listen... and respond to what it is that you need.

i think i'm seriously out of practice...

i'd like to try.

it would be doing me a favor. really.




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