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Inner child work

Posted by yellowbird01 on September 27, 2011, at 15:37:01

Has anyone here ever done inner child work/therapy? My T has been pushing for it for YEARS, and I've always refused... not necessarily because I disagree with it in theory, but for a variety of personal reasons (too emotionally difficult, dont want to coddle myself, etc). But I recently have decided to trust her and try this thing. Ugh.... I just dont know. I feel so much worse after sessions, and that usually lasts a day or a couple days. I havent felt acutely "mentally ill" in about 4-5 years, but since starting this work about 6 weeks ago, I am feeling "sick" again. I engaged in self-injury (minor, but still) for the first time in... 6 years or so last week. I had a session this morning and feel so crappy now.. actually somewhat suicidal, which I also havent felt for a few years. I feel angry since todays session, mostly at my T for making me feel so bad, but I think that's probably projection/transference right now, because she really didnt do/say anything wrong. It's not necessarily the hurt and trauma from my childhood stirring me up, although that is part of it... it's also feelings of self-hatred, not deserving things, that sort of thing.

My T brought up other other clients who she has done this kind of work with... she says they say it's emotionally hard and life-disrupting for awhile.. they report being emotional, irritable, etc... but in the end, are stronger and have more meaningful relationships etc for having done it. I know that in therapy, you sometimes have to hurt/feel worse in order to feel better. But where's the line between "feeling worse to feel better" and just.. feeling bad, getting worse, doing something that's just plain bad for you? How do you know? If this really is going to take me to a better place, I'll do it... but this scares me.

Anyone been through this? Either inner child work OR this "feeling worse to feel better" thing? I'd really appreciate any thoughts......




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