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Re: A rant on therapists and cbt

Posted by Lam22 on September 26, 2011, at 1:31:44

In reply to Re: A rant on therapists and cbt Lam22, posted by sleepygirl2 on September 25, 2011, at 17:50:19

> Have you been doing CBT?
> I have no experience with it, but I know some of the basics.
> I'm curious about your experience, care to share?

Yes, i do.. my experience is that it helps.. it helped me to get my degree from school and get rid of this awful relationship BUT it didn't help me at all to know what i want to do with my life.. i would have gone do some crap and failed anyway because what i would have done doesn't fit at all. whats the point of functioning and living a live that isn't even YOU?

Besides the benefits crashed down rather quickly, because i was just acting. I wasn't really better inside in any way.. just on the surface. I was just as disturbed as before. I think living a fake live is far more of a tragedy than not being able to "function".

So what am i supposed to do? I was abused in various ways pretty much all my life and I WANT TO TALK WITH SOMEBODY about it.
I tell a therapist about this and he doesn't even CARE and heads right to the next question. Im not saying that CBT doesn't have its place but CBT is everywhere and talking about the things that really hurt and feeling the emotions, i.e. getting REALLY better, that seems impossible to find.

Its not really that i dislike CBT therapists, but i want to find someone who doesn't just tell me how to act, but someone who can listen.

Yes I'm not functioning in the way that all these alienating feelings arise when i have to work, especially under supervision. Social anxiety rises up, its very energy draining for me.

Jane what really gets me off is this massive denial of child abuse, dysfunctional family backgrounds and survivors of this crap. I have been searching the internet for a therapist or therapy form to address this, but all i see is "not reawaken the trauma" blablabla. There is a reason why i struggle to stay on my feet while at work. And, to my mind, as long as this isn't addressed there will not be sustained recovery. Id rather sink with the truth than live a lie.

I don't see any of the people that were in the clinic (cbt advocates) accomplish any real progress, they go into this crap place again, again and again and are not really helped there.

What in the world is the point of functioning.. "living" despite the fact that you're totally disturbed. Marry, have children and then let them eat the pent up rage.. and then again nobody cares, they need to function to repeat the cycle again and again. What kind of world is this? Is this really worth it?

Im very frustrated about all this and i feel like nobody cares and nobody wants to hear it..

Ps. I didn't really feel like this in the states, i think the us has made much more progress in terms of awareness of child abuse and its detrimental effects.




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