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Re: Feeling anxious

Posted by Solstice on January 22, 2011, at 8:41:40

In reply to Feeling anxious, posted by Dinah on January 21, 2011, at 20:47:35

> I had actually scheduled only one session next week. No grand announcement. No plans for the future. Just only one session next week.
> That must have upset the fates. My mother, who has been quiet lately, suddenly started piling troubles on me. And worse yet, my A1c levels rose alarmingly this quarter. I swear I ate no worse than usual. Maybe even better. But my levels rose from the mid 7's to the low 10's. I don't know what that means to me. They called, told me the result, asked if I'd been taking my medications, then said they'd have to talk to the doctor. I dread knowing what comes next. Insulin maybe.

Hi Dinah..

I have Type I, but I know a lot about how Type II works. An A1c in the 10's is very significant, and it sounds like you're aware of that. If you've been able to keep simple sugars and keep your A1c in the 7's with medications alone, but now suddenly had a jump, it may just be that your system is no longer able to manage the simple sugar foods. Bread and pasta should be fine - they are much more complex sugars. Do you have the equipment to check your blood sugar at home? If you do, you could experiment with it yourself to find out if cutting out simple sugar does the trick. If not, I'd highly recommend getting a meter.

If you end up having to add insulin - please know that it really isn't bad! Especially now-days. And with insulin (which is a hormone, as opposed to a drug that changes body chemistry), you would not be as confined with respect to food choices. I think the most important thing is having what you need to be able to monitor your blood sugar yourself. I check mine 2-3 times a day. In fact, right now I'm looking into a fairly new device that involves a subdermal sensor that communicates wirelessly with a handled (size of a Blackberry) and continuously monitors blood sugar levels. The beauty of this thing is that it also has an alarm on it. I have no symptoms of low blood sugar, which can be very problematic because without the physical symptoms to warn you, blood sugar can dip and you never know it until it's too late for you to fix it yourself. So with this device, I can set it to sound an alarm any time I drop to 50, so I can fix it before I lose the ability to fix it. So please don't feel dread about insulin, if you have to go that route. It beats the heck out of the problems high A1c's can cause..


> I could probably cut down on sugar without much sadness. But I think I'd rather die than give up crusty white bread, or potatoes, or pasta. I really think I would.
> I just want to curl up in a ball, and suddenly it matters that I won't see him for a week. Not that he can help. What can he do? But I am calling to try to get my Tues appt back anyway.




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