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Re: Cool Psych Test Dinah

Posted by violette on June 24, 2010, at 14:32:24 [reposted on June 25, 2010, at 15:38:48 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Cool Psych Test violette, posted by Dinah on June 24, 2010, at 7:13:40

Dinah - that was very helpful information, thanks for your advice. Yes, I already went to a neurologist who diagnosed me with a movement disorder, but those symtpoms have gone away for the most part, and that didn't explain the cognitive symptoms. Psychiatrists in the past never really look into the psychological side and always said I have anxiety or depression, although I was diagnosed with PTSD years ago.

I guess my main concern was that I am getting schizophrenia, since my traits changed so much. When i read about schizotypal, I related to the description, but only had 2 of the traits since childhood. And now that I have more, I was becoming worried since really that PD could be prodromal schiztophrenia if you compare the 2...I mean if you did not have the full set of symtoms since an early age, it would seem more like schizophrenia than the PD.

I asked my pdoc/T recently if he thought I could possibly be developing schizophrenia and he basically laughed at me. We were both in a joking mood at the time, but still, he acted like it couldn't possibly happen. I think because I have had a functional life/accomplishments and other things that he doesn't think I am as bad off as I think, and that he could be missing associations because he's forgetful...

I didn't get the full neuro exam like you did though and really don't want to go through all that (and can't afford to do so at this time). Before they even had a true diagnosis, they prescribed me anticonvulsants but I don't see the point in taking them and never got them filled.

My Pdoc/T and I discussed getting a second opinion with a neuropsych I had seen before him. But I was not impressed with the neuropsych, and he seemed to think I didn't have any major disorder and suggested a couple of medications but did refer me to the neuropsych tests, which I took, but I never went back to him. So that might be a good idea since he didn't have this information at the time.

My PDoc said he'd look into the neuro stuff more, but I dislike talking about medical stuff with him since I always have so much emotional stuff saved up to talk with him about. I never brought in the results of the neuro stuff though keep thinking about donig so. I guess its time I do.

Yes, I understand about the different manifestations of anxiety, but when I put everythign together - especially with the cognitive problems and having that pseudopsychosis a couple times in the past year, including a couple of hallucinations - that's what triggered my fears. I do realize recent changes could be results of anxiety/depression and amplified by stress, but I always worry about something I guess, always had chronic anxiety. I am going to read that link in a few minutes here...

Thanks for your thoughtfulness. :)




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