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Re: do you think I have a mood disorder?? obsidian

Posted by Dinah on April 23, 2010, at 11:33:28

In reply to Re: do you think I have a mood disorder?? Dinah, posted by obsidian on April 22, 2010, at 22:33:40

That sounds an awful lot like me. I always did think we were biochemical sisters. Maybe not twins, but sisters.

For me, those things do cause problems. I can learn to deal with them, but not all the reason and good thinking in the world can stop them. Just help me deal with it. Learning to recognize when something feels physical helps a good deal.

I wouldn't say my main issue is depression. One of my pdocs put down a diagnosis of "cyclothymia" and while I don't think that works perfectly, it does point to his thinking I had a mood disorder. Mainly I have an anxiety disorder.

What is wrong with me doesn't fit neatly into the DSM which, to me, is a major failing of the DSM because I don't think I'm all that unusual. I've met a good number of Babblers who faced similar issues.

Do you get migraines? IBS? Agitation? If I look up these things, and at least one thing that's too delicate to mention, the common thread is something called HPA axis. I don't rightly understand it, but I think if they won't diagnose me with the nervous system of an overly inbred cocker spaniel, then the next best thing would be HPA axis disorder.

Don't worry if you don't fit in neatly to a DSM disorder definition. The DSM, IMO, leaves a good deal to be desired. Just think how they lump so many types of depression together, as if it was a monolith.

Mood disorder? HPA axis disorder? Excitable nervous system? The most important thing is to find what's useful for you. Which medications work? Which don't? Maybe it would be a good idea to ask people who share common symptoms, although even then there are probably differences in livers or whatever that affect how it effects different people.

I'd say, from knowing you, that you do have biological issues that cause you difficulty. It doesn't mean you'll never get better, it doesn't mean it might not improve, or that there aren't things that can help you. Those issues are yours, and don't need to fit a category, unless it helps you with treatment.

(What did your consultant say?)

Of course, everything I say is just my own opinion, and my be influenced by the fact that I identify with a lot of what you say about your physical issues.

Are you worried about this in terms of pregnancy? I went with no medications during pregnancy and was just fine. Postpartum was a different matter. And I must say, it's very hard and very hard on a reactive nervous system to have an infant, toddler, young child, etc. I don't know what I'd have done without my husband. He's got his own issues, of course. I don't think there's a person alive who doesn't. But it helped an awful lot to be able to tag team. :)




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