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Emotionally Connected(but oppositely so.)

Posted by Danneh on August 31, 2009, at 22:09:37

I have this friend, whom I'm extremely close to. The other day, a third party observer pointed out something that made me pause.

We're emotionally connected- but in such a way, we work in opposites.

It's almost as if we're both holding onto a rope, and who ever has the most rope on their side gets to be happy.

Which is odd- because I have extreme mood swings and he doesn't.

and I don't think it's a reaction to each other-
because... for example- this morning.

I woke up extremely happy, and we ride together in the mornings- so I was waiting outside for him.

The moment he arrived, he was in a bad mood. He 'emotionally attacked' me- which, we do probably a bit more often than we should. but that's not the point. We're argumentative, it's what we do.

By the time he was done venting his anger out on me, my good mood was gone- and we both kind of lulled for a moment. then he became inexplicably happy.

For the first few hours of the morning, I was extremely upset by a few of the things he said- however, eventually one of my friends cheered me up.

As we got to the lunch room, and even before I had spotted him- she mentions that he looks like he just lost his favorite teddy bear.

and he really did.

but I was happy anyway.

When I arrived home, I needed to fetch something from his house- so I skipped down there in an unusually perky mood.

I'm pretty sure if he didn't see crying an insult to his manliness, he would of been. His eyes were red and he was rubbing his head.

but I just couldn't seem to come down from my high.

the thing is- this is normal for us.
and it isn't as though we see each other before our emotions come into play.

He doesn't know I'm depressed before he bursts into my room singing about Cheerios.

and I don't know he's upset before I come skipping down to inform him that I just made crayons.

and due to the third parties observation... I just had to go back and think..

I honestly cannot think of a time where we were both.. happy.
Content? yes.
but normally we rest on opposite emotions.

Does anyone know of a reason this might happen?




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