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Re: New here, need help with new therapist pweil

Posted by catlady on August 21, 2009, at 15:44:58

In reply to New here, need help with new therapist, posted by pweil on August 21, 2009, at 12:33:51

> I read your post and I am sorry about how detached your therapist seems to be. If he asks again what do you expect from me, you can say I expect you to be compassionate, caring, sympathetic, less indifferent etc; I want to work on some of the issues that we talked about. In other words, tell him exactly what you need then see how he responds. The idea is to be as honest as you can. It just might be that your therapist doesn't know he is coming off as indifferent. I know it's hard especially when you haven't been seeing him for very long.

The other thing is sometimes therapists and clients are not a good fit. There are some therapists out there who can't give us what we want. Like the poster before said, a lot of it depends upon what kind of therapy they practice.

I hope this was helpful.

> I have read posts here but would like to ask a question myself. I started to see a PhD psychologist. I have seen the psychologist 2x so far. I did not go back for quite a few weeks because I felt no connection the first time. But I decided after reading posts here that a connection can take time. I did go back and even after the second time felt no connection. During both the first and second session I got tearful about something traumatic and the psychologist said nothing. Offered up no compassionate words. I take the silence to be indifference. Also, during the first session psychologist was asking me repeatedly "what do you expect from me". Not "what brings you here, or what issues would you like to work on" but "what do you expect from me". I honestly didn't know what that meant in the context I was in, but tried my best to answer it and psychologist kept asking it. At least 5-6 times. Went back for the second visit and psychologist started in on the same thing. "What do you expect of me". I thought since I had told what some of my issues were the first session, we would begin to work on some of them the second time, but no such luck. The psychologist seems very detached. I am a touchy, feely kind of person and am really having alot of anxiety about the detached persona. Although I have told my issues not once has this person said, "that is too bad or I am sorry".. I mean no caring response. And I was relaying something very heavy. If a T is causing me so much anxiety before we have even gotten underway with therapy, what should I do? I have a follow up appointment but have had nothing but actual nightmares about this person. Thank you for any insight or feedback. This is causing me great angst. I went into therapy for some help with traumatic events such as witnessing attempted murder of a relative, etc. Was very shocked whe T just sat there as I revealed this and said nothing. I need verbal support in a concerned and caring way. I know this is a professional relationship and nothing more, but am I making sense?




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