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Re: letting go

Posted by alexandra_k on August 9, 2009, at 1:02:57

In reply to Re: letting go alexandra_k, posted by Deneb on August 9, 2009, at 0:44:28

i'm scared of the elliptical. i remember trying it once before my injuries and after 30 seconds i was absolutely wrecked and really couldn't have continued. i really am very unfit. cardio sucks because of however many years of heavy smoking... muscles basically atrophied from my injuries that i didn't properly rehabilitate from. i guess it just takes some time lol and progress is really fast to start with, especially.

i'm tempted to try a little. i think... i actually am good with standing. and the leg motion of that seems gentler on the ankles than walking, even. i might have a go... if my ankles feel okay... it would be nice to give my butt a bit of a workout lol.

it is expensive... but i guess if you go 5 or 6 days a week and you break it down to how much it costs every day it ain't so bad. and the price of 'entertainment' etc. i think... it is worth it (so long as you can afford it in the first place, of course).

apparently muscle bulk speeds up your metabolism, too. burns 4 times as many calories or some such thing. i'm hoping that doing weights will help with that. trying to eat smaller amounts more often to help it along, too. i do think that building muscle seems much easier than not eating chocolate or ice cream or not drinking as much lol.

i'm slightly concerned... that i think i have a tendency to bulk up. i remember my arms got fairly built when i was in a wheel chair / on crutches. but i guess moving around on those was pumping them up more than they would typically be pumped if i was just walking around. so maybe they weren't as bad as i remember... i think its cause of the high androgen thing, but i think i might need to be a bit careful with weight lifting. not many women have it, apparently, but some do... i actually wouldn't mind so long as you look alright when they aren't pumped. never seen a female weight lifter not pumped (and probably on steroids) to know whether that is something i need to be careful of... not for a long time yet at any rate rofl... at the moment simply aiming for 'not atrophied' lol.




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