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Re: the term 'pdoc' friesandcoke

Posted by fleeting flutterby on August 3, 2009, at 22:56:39

In reply to the term 'pdoc', posted by friesandcoke on August 3, 2009, at 22:27:49

> OK,here is something I have wanted to say to someone, anyone on any board where this is used. "Pdoc". I have seen it on boards besides this one. And I want to say "why don't you just say your psychiatrist?<<

--flutterby: I think there are many reasons.... some just don't want to type that long word out, some might not know how to spell it(it's a tricky word) and some are just used to "pdoc" instead of psychiatrist.

>> pdoc bugs me. you want to know why? it sounds so friendly and casual, kind of chummy, non-assuming and as if the "pdoc" is a minor player on a team that is taking care of someone.<<

---flutterby: If you don't mind me saying-- you seem to be VERY focused on "professionalism". I like to think there are just as many good layed-back(sp?) doctors that wear tennis shoes and polo shirts as there are stiff shirt and tie doctors. Being layed-back doesn't necessarily mean one is NOT taking it seriously. Struggling with MI all ones life, maybe that's how some get through, from day to day.

> My "pdoc". I don't like the phrase "shrink" but I love it compared to "pdoc". It reminds me of someone trying to be hip maybe, or part of the in crowd. I have a "pdoc". You know, like it used to be hip to say you were in therapy. Well that is what it reminds me of.<<

---flutterby: well that is how you see. I don't see it that way. but that's OK...that's what makes the world awesome-- we can be different.

>>Like it is someone trying to act casual about a matter we all know is no joke. Seeing a psychiatrist. Not the seeing of the psychiatrist but the issues that bring us there. So I feel people aren't being honest and sincere about the fact that they have serious issues since after all, they only see a "pdoc". Any time I have seen a psychiatrist, believe me it was not about anything casual or any kind of joke.<<

---flutterby: Yea, it's NOT a joke at all. (do you fear people don't take you seriously?) I don't see those that use "pdoc" as not taking it seriously or making a joke of it...... interesting.... I've never thought of that word that way.... and I still don't.

>>The world if they read this now knows I am baffled by the phrase "pdoc". And it scares me to think I will get criticized becuase of it. But I am getting used to people not liking me when I won't clone myself after them so I am guessing I will survive. However, only time will tell! :) I mean I haven't even been criticized yet! :)<<

---flutterby: Seems to me you're just trying to understand, and that is a good thing-- IMO. :o)

best to you




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