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Re: Stress....trial coming issues and Fayed fayeroe

Posted by zenhussy on June 6, 2009, at 20:12:07

In reply to Stress....trial coming issues and Fayed, posted by fayeroe on June 4, 2009, at 16:20:18

>>>Some of you know that my drunken neighbor assaulted me back in January. To be exact, it was the inauguration eve....I called the police and they took it to the DA and charges were filed. Neighbor lives to the west side of my yard. Our yards are joined to my left.

The DA offered him a deal. Plead guilty and judge will order rehab and extensive community service. And he would write me a letter of apology and ask what he could do to make living next to him easier. They also said they wouldn't offer any suggestions to his parole officer about the future penalties. He refused the deal and asked for a JURY TRIAL.<<<

sounds like a contestant for the Darwin Awards.

>>>In central Texas a jury will consist of some little blue-haired ladies and old farmers in overalls. The salt of the earth people who don't hit one another and they don't drink. WHY would this idiot want a jury trial is beyond all of us.<<<

let it be beyond all of you....let the gene pool figure this one out.

>>>He is on probation for two DUIs and now he is in big trouble with them. He peed dirty.

He went to my witness and tried getting him to lie. "Tampering with a witness".....

We definitely believe that he killed Fayeroe. So, I am still struggling, on a daily basis, with that. I want to rip his heart out.<<<

this man has definite issues that will come out in the jury trial. of course it is easy to let one's mind go to the dark and dangerous thoughts that accompany such needless tragedies like the ones this dolt has brought into your life.

>>>I am working in the public library and am in charge of the adult fiction and computers that only adults can use. I did some detective work and verified that we have a sex offender using the computers here. CHILDREN come here by the droves. I talked to my Pdoc about my plan for notifying the officials. I know most of the policemen here and I also know two detectives. I also have the choice of calling the DA. It has to be very confidential. My job would be in jeopardy if it came out that I turned him in. The head librarian refuses to do anything. (she is a ditz)<<<

do you have access to speaking w/ librarians in other areas? the ones here in this town are very internet savvy and 1st Amend. savvy and balance the two quite well. perhaps the libriarians at the uni. level might have programs in place they can assist you in implimenting to curb this situation going on locally where you're working?

>>>I wish something else would fall on my head. Well, it sorta did. I guess that the Buspar and my binge eating after Fayeroe died has added 20 lbs to my little 5' frame. I'm guessing about the Buspar and I am certain that the binge eating has helped me add those love handles and big legs....A John Lee HOoker song if there ever was one.<<<

there is just temporarily more of you to love....that's all. don't be too down about this. all thing shall change--including you!

>>>I'm still reeling from the fiasco that we called my birthday and mother's day. What a dysfunctional mess that was!<<<

if anything it is more disconcerting to hear about ppl who celebrate these occassions w/o the dysfunctional drama that usually accompanies such dates. try to take comfort that you're in very good company having survived those fiascoes (sp?)

>>>The joy in my life is the garden blanket that I've planted on Fayeroe's grave..I also have a little half-airedale and half german shepherd that was rescued from a busy highway. Clementine is full of mischief and a handful. I didn't intend to get another dog so soon. But she desperately needed a home with someone who could handle her. She is very smart. She knows to sit for treats and going in and out of the house.

Ah, life......Pat<<<

sounds like Fayed's garden blanket is gorgeous. she'd not have had it any other way. of course your new companion came about suddenly and rather quickly after Fayed's abrupt loss but sometimes life has plans other than what we'd have imagined.

you certainly need a smartie pants of a pup to handle the jobs a dog in your pack will need to learn. don't forget that she can handle the tears you still need to shed over Fayedy. that's one of her most important help you grieve and release the painful parts. she'll also help you in remembering the wonderful and joyful memories that are in there as well.

ah life indeed. at least it is life. we've all certainly been around long enough to see some of the ups and downs life has tossed at all of us over the years.

it is good that you're still a part of life and striving for more out of it.

smiles from frankendog (healing beautifully thank goodness) and zennie




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