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Re: dreams...long on my part sorry antigua3

Posted by rskontos on June 3, 2009, at 17:46:41

In reply to Re: dreams... twinleaf, posted by antigua3 on June 3, 2009, at 12:01:16


I know about parts (I have too many but that is another story) and I have a theory about the "I" word. I prefer to think of it as blending versus intergrating so that means that they are still parts just working together better.

Now I am no where near that. Altough sometimes I think I might be moving closer. not sure

But I like you have never dreamt of my t who is an analyst like Twinleaf's (well he might not be as good but he is good to me)
and he too never will interpret my dreams unless I specifically ask or I throw out a theory he might expand on it.

I do ask him a lot of things about dreams. I have had some distrubing ones lately including the one of him I refused to speak to him about it and some of the others. Just can't say them out loud.

I did tell him of another one that was disturbing yet funny. I even told him I told myself during the dream I was having a lucid dream.

The reason I am telling you this is he offered no opinion and I let it go. It was just a few days after the really bad panic attack where I went to the ER so I think he might just let all stir for a while. And how this relates to you is taking me too many words to get out. But....

I am glad though you have hung in with this p-doc.

My thoughts is that all the things you have thought about the dream is possible and everyone else's ideas are too. Dreams are often puzzling things.

I have been dreaming alot more lately some are just downright nightmares. Some I know are nightmares but I don't remember them but my dh will tell me I spoke outloud. My t asked about that what I said. He did give me an opinion about the basis for what I said.

I think often our minds are trying to work stuff out and our dreams are the result of that.

As far as the little one dying that I don't think will happen. She may become more blended like a part of you that is slowly beginning to function more in the now versus the ugliness of the past.

I do understand his point of you thinking of him as surrogate father so that you develop a better role model than your own. I understand how that is hard and may take more time because you only fairly recently accepted your p-doc and gave him your trust. The relationship will need to ripen. But he can show you better interactions with men. And the secrets your little one held can become a released burden. One you both are aware of, someone else is too (p-doc) and that is all validation for both of you. Both parts need it.

And it could be that you are moving faster than the relationship has had time to solidify. But nevertheless, you have come a long way!

I respect your journey so far and know you are doing hard work.
thanks for sharing,

and here's too more restful sleep.





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