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Re: Integration**possible trigger

Posted by Daisym on June 3, 2009, at 0:14:11

In reply to Re: Integration**possible trigger, posted by Phillipa on June 2, 2009, at 23:52:03

I think I have a different interpretation of your dream - no offense to your pdoc.

Water in dreams is often symbolic of either the unconscious or of femininity. (You know, that whole monthly cycle, moon, tides, etc.) Drowning can mean being overwhelmed (or the fear of being overwhelmed) by something in your psyche - you might be moving to fast into a particular area or suppressed material may be getting ready to come up and out. Drowning can also represent a rebirth of some kind. (again, the feminine piece.)

Dreaming about drowning is also a way that we express being overwhelmed or scared about the here and now. Too much to do, too many details, not enough money, not enough time...all this stress can show up in our dreams as drowning. I think it is interesting that you pdoc is up on deck and doesn't save you or even notice you need him. (did I get that right?)

I think perhaps, this dream may be warning you that the little girl inside you is scared about releasing the secret she has been keeping. Maybe she still doesn't trust your pdoc to hold it with her. Or, deep down, her reason for being may have been perceived as only the secret keeper - thus she may feel like she is dying if you need her for this role less and less. But you acknowledging her value for other things - her innocence, etc. tells me that she could be morphing - dying like the Phoenix in order to rise from the ashes. So what she represents isn't really gone - you have the power to hold on to those parts, even if you are integrating most of her. Because she is you and you are her already.

I don't remember all of it, but I read somewhere that drowning is a separation - especially from your mother. I think part of the process for survivors is separating from the person who was abused and the person you are now - meaning going forward with inner strength, not denying that you have a past. And certainly not leaving the good stuff behind.

I'm not sure any of this makes sense.

I'm sorry you are sad...




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