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Went to ER with a possible panic attack

Posted by rskontos on June 1, 2009, at 16:59:38

I know I said I wasn't coming back. I have decided to amend this to I am staying away from admin.)

But I just gotta talk about stuff. I ended up at the ER with what my p-docs thinks was an extremely bad panic attack. I proceed to have another one on Saturday and Sunday. I am now taking xanax alot more than I was.

I know work has been a triggery place for me but I thought it was getting better. I guess not. I had not been feeling very well for three days in a row and that morning last friday I got up and forced myself to go to work. I was only there 1 hour when I had to go to the bathroom for extreme diarreha and while in the bathroom wham I couldn't breathe, couldn't focus, felt an extreme sense of dread, dizzy, hot/cold sweaty flashes, and my blood pressure shot up. Now my p-doc says that several things I have going on physically could have all combined at that moment to make my blood pressure go so high. I mean high.

anyway, my pd-c who is also my therapist scheduled an emergency meeting, suggested strongly to go to the internist to rule out any other underlying problems and then we would go from there.

I also saw an endorinologist a new one because I have had more issues with my thyroid etc. He was a good one, through and took alot of tests but no results except that I for certain have Hashimoto's.

Maybe it was all too much. Work, health crap, and an ever present anxiety.

The biggest problem too is that I cried the entire time through this panic attack. Well at least when I got to the school nurse, I work in a school, and she called 911 due to my blood pressure and my breathing. I did not resume breathing normally until I got to the ER with oxygen.

And the crappiest part is that the ER treated only the diarreha. So it looks like I just went for that. They did not attend to the blood pressure issue at all, nor suggest anything except further testing for GI issues. Which the endocrinologist is already looking into.

I felt stupid for going to the ER. But I did not think about it being a panic attack which my p-doc says no one really does either when it is an extreme one. He was surprised that the EMT's or Paramedics did not think about it since I said I was on xanax for panic attacks.

Anyway, I have been so dissociated since. And the therapy session, the emergency wasn't all that helpful either. I have also been having some extreme nightmares.

Let's face it I feel like sh*t.

Sorry just needing to vent.

I am now on blood pressure meds, new thyroid med, medication for my collitis and who knows what else will be added. Added to my already wellbutrin and xanax and other stuff. My drugs as my husband calls them.

But I have vowed to eat cleaner and I have been doing pretty good on that. And walking almost daily. My husband offered to pay for a personal trainer for a while to help me get into the habit of exercising so I might be able to go off the bp meds.

But you know I just feel like why bother.


ps sorry I just could not proof this post so forgive the errors be it misspelled words or typos.

thanks guys




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