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Re: i need you guys help

Posted by Amelia_in_StPaul on May 19, 2009, at 11:11:52

In reply to i need you guys help, posted by manic666 on May 19, 2009, at 3:16:46

Hey manic, I know this sounds horrible, but I think you should wait it out, and try to do something about the anxiety other than meds for the time being (exercise like crazy, til you exhaust yourself, for instance)--the reason is that you've been up and down on meds and your brain has to adjust to what you are on now. How long were you on 10mg ativan? Going up from that and then down by over half may be doing it too, depending on how long you were on that dose. You don't want to be on 10mg, that's a heck of a lot, but you may have to go back up somewhat and then taper slowly. Can you give it a couple of days and see how you feel? Then, if you have problems still, I'd go back to the gp, discuss the anxiety, and see about going slightly higher on ativan (or switching to a different benzo with a longer half-life) and then tapering down--slowly, very slowly--once you are stable.

> friday when i aborted my p.doc to return to the felt good, after the last two years of total nightmare visiting uncareing an unhelpful shrinks . who have put me on unsutable meds at crazy doses,canceled appoinments at a weeks notice to go on holiday ,seen mabye 6 different shrinks so they havent a clue about what an who i am,as i said i told THEM/// to put me on zoloft so true to form put me on 100Mg instead of 25 or 50.i take it on myself to cross taper an miss the start up an withdrawl crap. they no nothing of this method i learned on this forum. they would sooner you went through weeks of withdrawl an then start up pain.NNNNNNOW this is my problem since i told them to put me back with the g.p i have dived into a mini crisi of anxierty . you no have i done the right thing . i can always go back if things get to bad , but why? they are totaly why do i feel like this,i hope its tempory. the meds im on is 50mg zoloft i came down myself an it was to sedating at 100 with my ativan 4 mg a to get over this have i done the right thing crisis . do you think i should go back to 100mg zoloft for a short spell see if that hits it, i carnt up the ativan ,remember i detoxed from 10 mg , i carnt shift the 4 mg an dont want to, but i dont want to go up,the zoloft was working at about 70%before this and i was okay with that.if i go up to the 100mg i may get the sedation i need at the moment , what you guys think.i dont want to go an ask for a new med as i have just had 2 years finding one tha works to a degree,the gp nore the p doc will give me supplement or combo,s they just dont in england , plus they would argue the ativan a combo,so does that seem the favorit im stressed with the hole bad mental format in england




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