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Re: theropists and p doc ,s you are a number to them

Posted by Amelia_in_StPaul on May 17, 2009, at 21:59:01

In reply to theropists and p doc ,s you are a number to them, posted by manic666 on May 17, 2009, at 11:34:39

Hi there manic, sorry you are in such distress. I can't compare what British health care is like vs. American but it's true that all they have are best guesses. There are double-bind studies on lots of meds, but no one really knows what causes depression, bipolar, etc.--they only have theories, based on stumbling upon meds that seem to help. Your pdoc, though, seems to have a really narrow view about therapy. It sounds like the perspective of someone who only cares about meds and he sounded sort of harsh in his replies to you.

Were you put in the hospital to withdraw from meds so they could try you on new ones? I understand how awful going in the hospital can be. I had a terrible experience during a breakdown last year, and the thought of going back to the place I was in terrifies me.

I don't know if you made the right decision, but if your gp listens to you, knows about bipolar disorder and its treatment, maybe that is going to be a good thing. It sounds like what you need is some support and caring.

Are you able to do therapy under your system there in the UK? Are you able to see your gp soon?

Please take care. Amelia

> i will put my views in this board , because / well why my soicial thread i wrote about my visit to the p doc , an how he said they have no answer,s to our illness ,and apart from medication are clueless to this day, theropist lie to you or simply forget you as do p cbt theropist said i needed pyhco theropy an will put in my p docs notes.i waited for a call none came . went to hospital on an apointment an asked if he had the notes from the theropist, guess what no report had been made,he asked why i thought i needed theropy , i said to resolve issues i may have, he said like what?i said childhood an things , he said there is a missconseption that a few sessions with a theropist an you will find the answer an everything is rosie.if that were true he said we would all be milioniar,s. what do you want them to tell you . i said why this illness started was it my childhood , he said 90%is but you may never find why,so i will say yes it did , so now you dont need a theropist i have just told you,ok what about chemical imbalance could that be the problem . he said yes it may be , but we cannot tell, there is no real answers to your questions as we simply dont no .meds are the only thing we no something about ,an they dont work for every one the same ,so then again is just guess work.from admitance into hospital it has been one let down after another ,first they had a go at killing me,with withdrawl plus wrong meds . then canceled appointments , different docs , case notes never read only on the day you see them ,i even suggested am recieved my own england we dont pay for theropy an p docs , only in our taxes , so in america an other countries where you pay one way or another do they string you along just for money , noing they are talking crap. if i payed pivate in england i could see someone straight away , an they would keep me danceing as long as they like. so i said to the doc ,take me off the hospital reg an put me back with my g p he can give meds , an thats all your doing hear, plus sending my anxiety levels rocketing being here , i was damaged by that hospital so every time i go its a trigger,i feel like sh*t now 2 days after going . an wondering if i have done the right thing . but what choise do they give , no real help . notes unread .an i said he admitted they no nothing , my gp may not , but at least he know,s my name.




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