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Afraid my therapist might reject me if.....

Posted by sharon7 on January 26, 2009, at 12:00:07

hey out there. this is a great site. i got so much great advice and support from my first post, i had something else i wanted to throw out there.

i have never told my t (verbally, anyway) that i consider her like a mother-figure and that i believe ive got the whole transference thing going on with her. Im sure she already knows it anyway. you can't get anything past her. and she knows ive had transference issues quite a lot in the past and that is one of the main things troubling me is i have not grown out of needing someone to mother me and that upsets me because i thought i would. (Oh, and of course the fact that i often spontaneously regress to a 4 year old child in her presence surely has not already tipped her off!) LOL!! (o:

anyway, i want to tell my t about the transference, then ask her if she is even 'down' with transference and Transference Focused Therapy because i am fairly certain she's a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapist) but only because a couple books she recommended were authored by CBT's. after doing some research, kind of sounds like transference is more of a Freudian psychoanalytical theory and im not sure all t's even believe in it. i suspect mine does because my needing reparenting did come up early in my therapy with her, and it did sound like that could possibly involve my coming to relate to her on an emotional level in that role in order for healing to take place, but i never really understood what it meant, and it hasn't come up again. i worry "did she change her mind?" did she decide she did not want to "go there" cuz face it, lots of t's don't or aren't willing to get their hands that dirty so to speak to help a patient. does she think im too needy? i do trust she'd tell me if she didn't want to work with me anymore. i'm afraid to ask her if she is willing to treat me for my transference issues (a life long problem!) or if she thinks i should see another t that i don't currently have transference feelings for. like i could never imagine coming to think of a male t as a maternal figure. i know it happens a lot and i think that is so cool, but in my mind i think id be completely safe with a male t as far as not developing a maternal transference relationship with him, as is my pattern to do with women. but i think the way TFT works is through the relationship btwn the t and the patient while the patient is in the midst of the transferred feelings, know what I mean?

SORRY THIS GOT SO LONG! I appreciate your insight.





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